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BpfOsmTool for Belgium Phone Formatter OSM Tool is a work in progress tool/script that aims to make phone/fax number formatting more consistent.

BpfOsmTool is still under development, only usable in Belgium and not currently approved/used.

What does it do?

When supplied with a list of object ID's and OSM API details the tool checks the 'phone', 'contact:phone', 'fax' and 'contact:fax' tags of the associated objects. If it finds any that are not compliant with the notation specified in ITU-T 'E.164' (or the OSM wiki), it attempts to correct those tags. If it fails, the whole object is skipped.

Contact & Suggestions

The tool is maintained by Ubipo.

Feel free to file a push request on Github: [1].

You can contact me via OSM [2] or via mail [3].