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This page describes a historic artifact in the history of OpenStreetMap. It does not reflect the current situation, but instead documents the historical concepts, issues, or ideas.
Brigantine was a program to visualize and copy geometry and raster data that stored in various databases and raster and vector file formats for geospatial data (not limited to OSM).
Reason for being historic
It is not maintained any more and available on the historic Google Code platform only. Replaced by Nanogis.
Captured time

Brigantine gis.png
License: MIT License (free of charge)
Platforms: Windows and Linux
Version: 1306
Language: English

Deprecated - see Bark (C++ library). This program can visualize (panning, zooming, reprojection on the fly) and copy geometry and raster data that stored in databases:

The same is true for a variety of raster and vector file formats supported by GDAL/OGR (for example: OpenStreetMap PBF).

Also available OpenStreetMap tilemaps.