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The Brighton Workship was a past event which took place in Brighton on September 9th 2006.

This was the day before dConstruct, a one day Web 2.0-ish development conference. The idea was to introduce some of the bleeding edge web developers to OpenStreetMap, as well as get locals and old-OSM-hands involved in collaboratively mapping Brighton.

Old details

  • When - 10am Sat 9th September, we'll meet, introduce OpenStreetMap and get organized. Until 4pm.
  • Meet Venue - BrightonWeb Offices at James House, 2 Brunswick Terrace, Hove (50.82299 -0.15684)
  • Accommodation - There are many places to stay in Brighton, the entire breadth of style and price.
  • GPS units - We will have about a dozen GPS Units for Loan. If you have any additional loaners, that's welcome. We'll be requesting ID/Mobile Phones as deposit.

Raw Results from the Day

Brighton in josm.JPG

Who's going?

  • Mikel
  • Ed - no GPS unfortunately
  • Chris from Green Brighton - the collaboratively authored green map of Brighton
  • TimSmall - I'm planning to attend (I live in Hove, know my way around Brighton+Hove, and have just bought myself a flash new GPS).
  • Anna
  • davidh (a local without a GPS but planning to get one - whether in time or not I don't know)
  • Dean Earley
  • Robin - Notebook - NO GPS :(
  • User:robert will probably take a daytrip on the train bringing a GPS, dictaphone and bicycle.
  • Chris Corbin
  • Jeremy Keith I'll certainly be there for some of the workshop. No GPS device, I'm afraid.
  • Marrije Schaake I'd love to attend and help, but I'm afraid I don't have a GPS device, so I would like to loan one, please. I've never been to Brighton before, and I've never done any GPS-ing, so should be interesting :-)

Mailing list

There is a mailing list (with archive) - which is intended to aid in coordination, and organisation. If you'd like to pose any questions, or have something to say which is not well suited to the wiki, please subscribe and post an email to the list.

Press Release

Brighton Press Release

Places to contact: Argus, BBC South East..

For a comprehensive list of Brighton press contacts see here. Use list of emails at the bottom and BCC to all of the contacts.


Jeremy Keith, one of the organizers of dConstruct, recorded a podcast on OpenStreetmap with Mikel

Mapping Plan

Plans for what we (ie OSM) want to achieve over the weekend should be made here. If you have something you want to map thats great.

  • North Laines
  • Kemp Town
  • Hanover
  • London Road / Preston Circus
  • The Level / Ditchling Rd
  • Preston Park
  • Hove to 'The Drive'
  • Hove past 'The Drive'
  • Seven Dials
  • Western Road
  • The Deans to the east of Brighton

Out of Copyright Brighton Map


Things we might link to to promote the weekend