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Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom

latitude: 50.8453, longitude: -0.1306
Browse map of Brighton and Hove 50°50′43.08″ N, 0°07′50.16″ W
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Brighton and Hove is a city in East Sussex, England, United Kingdom at latitude 50°50′43.08″ North, longitude 0°07′50.16″ West.

OSM Coverage

This map includes the City of Brighton and Hove and is defined in OSM as relation 114085

The natural boundaries of this conurbation are the sea to the South, the South Downs to the East (to Falmer Rd, and including Woodingdean), the South Downs to the North (the A27 effectively), and River Adur on the West. The original northern boundary was south of Patcham but was extended after World War I to prevent pollution to the water table from shack dwellings.

An area of the city centre has all the building outlines drawn in. Clearly this can be expanded. There's also rich POI data which has been input during the various waves of mapping parties. This will require some maintenance. See something out-of-date? Edit the map!

Progress / What could I work on?


Posthoc stats for BN district 11 Nov 2020

The excellent 'Posthoc' tool shows where Royal Mail says postboxes are. We are trying to reach 100% in all BN regions


A 10k scan is one of the scanned old maps that National Library of Scotland have allowed us to use. In iD you can add a custom layer with{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png In JOSM you can add tms:{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

The map appears to align very well. As with much of the UK, we still live in old houses and add extensions. Flip between this and Bing aerial imagery to look for new extensions and developments. You will need to realign the Bing aerial imagery slightly.

Building heights are very sparsely populated. OSMBuildings provide a view with extruded buildings to show progress


The City's parks are mapped, but there is always opportunity to add fine detail.

Cycle infrastructure

Btn Bike Share

Bike Share Map for BN district 11 Nov 2020

The Btn Bike Share scheme opened in 2017. Some newer locations may need mapping. Tag with:





name=name given by Btn Bike Share

ref=ref given by Btn Bike Share


Overpass Query

   area[name="Brighton and Hove"][admin_level=6]->.a;
   out body;

Progress: checked July 2021

Ref Name Location
01 Brighton Station South node 5071947695
01d Upper Gloucester Road / Surrey Street node 5071955472
02 Brighton Station North node 5200230509
03 New England Quarter node 5053168942
04 London Rd Baker St node 5072840926
05 North Laine Whitecross Street node 8107297381
06 Pavilion Buildings node 5072852666
07 Church St node 5072850696
08 Old Steine node 5072856703
09 Brighton Town Hall node 5200168388
10 Brighton Palace Pier node 5072857733
11 North St Barclays node 5072860851
13 Kings Road Odeon node 5072861657
14 Seafront Grand Hotel node 5072866573
15 Seafront Metropole node 5072864987
16 Seafront Peace Statue node 5072871233
17 Brunswick Place node 5072873896
18 Palmeira Square node 5200230510
19 Sussex County Cricket Ground node 5072875588
20 Hove Station node 5072880837
21 Hove Town Hall node 5072882195
22 Preston Park node 5056099953 and node 6396773467
23 London Road Station node 8949335446
24 Preston Barracks node 8949335445
25 UoB Cockcroft node 5200230505
26 UoS Sports Centre node 5200230507
28 UoB Falmer node 5200230508
29 The Level (South) node 5072883316
30 Edward St node 5072886714
31 St Georges Rd Eaton Place node 5072894965
32 Madeira Drive node 5072895639
33 Royal Sussex County Hospital node 5200230513
34 UoB Sports Centre Falmer node 8949335444
35 Brighton Marina node 5200230515 and node 8925060548
36 Seven Dials node 5200230516
36 Seven Dials Vernon Terrace node 5200230517
37 Western Road node 5072897177
38 Lewes Rd South Elm Grove node 6792578608
39 Lewes Rd Triangle node 5072899663
40 Mill View Hospital, Nevill Ave node 8949335443
41 UoB Varley Halls node 8949335442
42 Rock St node 5072900952
43 Hove Lawns node 5072905397
44 George St node 5072905573
45 UoS York House node 7806994290
46 St James St node 5072913797
47 Montague Place node 5072912233
48 Moulsecoomb Way node 5200230506
49 Hove Park node 5072917953
50 The Level North node 5072919480
51 St Annes Well Gardens node 5072922558
52 Grand Parade node 5200230518
53 Ewart St node 5072923653
54 Harrington Road node 7462540891
55 Hartington Road node 5019938504
57 The Droveway Hove : Waitrose node 8949335441
58 King Alfred node 5722098714
59 Hove Lagoon node 5722106427
60 Preston Park North node 5722089618
61 Eastern Road
62 Preston Street node 8949335440
63 Connaught Road node 7924294637
64 LiDL Arundel Road Brighton node 8949335439
65 Portland Rd : Shelley Rd node 7924294639
66 Portland Road : School Road node 8949335438
67 Portland Road / Glebe Villas node 8949335437
68 Portslade Station node 8949335436
69 New Church Road : Boundary Road node 8949335435
70 New Church Road / Pembroke Gardens node 7918452854
71 Rottingdean Seafront node 8949335434
72 Tesco New Church Road Hove node 8949335432
75 Withdean Rise node 8071452989
77 Hove Station North node 8949335428
78 Portslade Town Hall node 8949335431
81 Wish Road node 8626421515
99 Workshop node 5072928673 - Don't think this is real
?? Sackville Road / Byron Street node 8949335430
?? Brighton General node 8949335426
?? East Brighton Park node 8949335427
?? Saltdean Lido node 8949335433
?? Applesham Avenue node 8949335429
?? Stanmer Park Lower Lodges node 8949335425
?? Stanmer Park Patchway node 8949335424

Cycle Routes:

Brighton has a few cycle lanes & tracks, all of which have relations.

Relation Ref Name Description
relation 1950688 NCN 2 National Cycle Network 2

South Coast Cycle Route

Runs besides the A259 on a cycle track. Along the main seafront part of the A259 main carriageway has been temporally converted to a cycle lane as a response to COVID-19. This is due to be extended in 21/22 and likely to be rebuilt permanently in 23/24. B&HCC aspiration is NCN2 to be a high quality segregated route across its entire length (in B&HCC).
relation 11507779 NCN 20 National Cycle Network 20

London - Brighton

Follows the A23 from the City boundary all the way to the A259 where it meets the NCN 2 on the seafront. North of the A27 it runs as a segregated cycle/foot track next to the A23. South of the A27 and North of the A270 it runs along the A23 on cycle lanes or on the footway although due to be made into a permanent cycle track in 2022. Between the A270 and the seafront it runs mostly on back streets not very well sign posted except a small new section in valley gardens. This section is also due to be improved in 24/25
relation 21901 NCN 83 Brighton - Devils Dyke Runs from NCN 2 at the seafront to Devils Dyke via Hove. Section between NCN 2 and Old Shoreham Road (A270) uses segregated cycle tracks, north of that it runs on residential streets, north of the urban area it runs on the old Dyke railway to the top of the dyke.
relation 21904 NCN 90 National Cycle Network 90

Brighton - Lewes - Polegate

Runs along the A270 between A23 Valley Gardens (NCN 20) & A27 using cycle lanes.

Runs along the A27 between the A270 Lewes

relation 8376508 Old Shoreham Road (A270) Cycle Lanes A stepped cycle lane runs from Dyke road (A2010) to the Drive. A temp cycle lane also continues to run from The Drive to Hangleton Road (A2038) as a result of COVID-19 measures, this is also planned to be extended to city border in 23/24 or later.
relation 9302817 Dyke Road Dyke Road has cycle lanes along most of its length, although not of a good quality.
relation 8376706 Undercliff Walk Running under the cliff beside NCN 2 runs a shared path. This goes between the Marina and Saltdean

Points of Interest

A Prince Regent's palace

The Royal Pavilion built for King George IV of the United Kingdom way 338139685

The oldest operating electric railway in the world

The Volks Electric Railway opened in 1883 relation 6168019

A couple of piers. One dead

The Palace Pier way 3451897. Local calls it the 'Brighton Pier'. The West Pier way 96651243 which opened in 1866

An abandoned railway tunnel

Not many people will know that there used to be a branch line from near London Road Station to Kemptown incorporating a section of tunnel with an entrance still visible behind a storage depot. way 117345347

Two Universities

Sussex Uni way 37669694 and Brighton Uni relation 11799547 both with additional sites

Quadrophenia Alley

The alleyway where Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash get 'intimate' in the film Quadrophenia way 489251517


Twitten is an old Sussex dialect word, used in both East and West Sussex, for small passageways leading between two buildings to courtyards, streets, or open areas behind. Black Lion Lane Camden Terrace Clifton Street Passage Duke's Passage Frederick Gardens Ship Street Gardens

and more..

Events and history

Brighton was involved early on in OSM 2006/7

2017 DataVis Brighton Meetup: The Map is not the Territory: OpenStreetMap workshop w/Jez Nicholson

A 1.5hr talk/workshop at The Skiff for members of the Data Visualisation Brighton Meetup group. Participants heard about how capturing geo data is a good way to understand mapping, and made their first edit.

2017 Btn Bike Share scheme mapping

A mini project to map all the locations of the new bike share scheme [1]. [2]

2012 to 2016

AFAIK no events

2011 Mapping Party

Saturday 19 November 2011 with people such as: Smsm1, Derick,nDan Karran, Alex, Emilie, Jez Nicholson

In response to this tweet and this article on the Guardian blog re Skobbler's navigation app lack POIs in Brighton

Photos on Flickr (tag osmbrightonmappingparty2011)

Cake diagram

2009 Mapping Party

2007 "Launch" Event

Big OpenStreetMap Brighton "launch" event at the Brighthelm Centre, 29 November 2007.

the Invitation
the Press Release

2007 The Year of Mikel Maron

The project to map Brighton was taken up by User:Mikel in 2006/7 as a Brighton resident at the time. This instigated a flurry of activity, enthusiasm and events.

Animated GIF of the initial mapping 2006/7. Mappers started from the Brighton core and extended out in each direction.

2007 Brighton Stubs Map show locations of "known unknowns", mainly footpaths which couldn't be surveyed while driving through Bevendean.

Flyer for the 2007 launch event

A number of workshops and presentations took place:

2006 Pre-DConstruct Workshop