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bulk_upload.py is a Python script for performing bulk imports. It uses ElementTree for XML parsing which allows for a subset of the abilities of Bulk_upload.pl but is compatible with API v0.6.

It is currently available in SVN (click to view online). There is also an untested bulk_upload.php script included.

To check the scripts out of subversion, use

svn co https://svn.openstreetmap.org/applications/utils/import/bulk_upload_06/


$ python bulk_upload.py --help
Usage: bulk_upload.py -i input.osm -u user -p password


 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 -i INFILE, --input=INFILE
                       read data from input.osm
 -u USER, --user=USER  username
 -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
 -c COMMENT, --comment=COMMENT
                       ChangeSet Comment

Installation on Ubuntu 9.04

aptitude install python2.5 python-httplib2 python-celementtree python-graph

Execution on Windows

Current version may fail running in Windows because os.rename() does not behave as in UNIX-like environments. The symptom is that 2000 nodes get loaded and the program aborts:

Created changeset: ###### Uploading to changeset ###### Uploading to changeset ###### Traceback (most recent call last):

 File "bulk_upload.py", line 333, in <module>
 File "bulk_upload.py", line 103, in parse
 File "bulk_upload.py", line 120, in addToChangeset
   self.currentChangeset.addChange(action, elem)
 File "bulk_upload.py", line 209, in addChange
 File "bulk_upload.py", line 249, in addChange
 File "bulk_upload.py", line 276, in upload
 File "bulk_upload.py", line 150, in save
   os.rename(self.filename+".tmp", self.filename)

WindowsError: [Error 183] Cannot create a file when that file already exists

My quick hack is to add two lines around this step:

        os.rename(self.filename, self.filename+".old") # ensure prior version is renamed to something else
        os.rename(self.filename+".tmp", self.filename)
        os.remove(self.filename+".old") # once actual rename performed delete old file

Obviously a test on the value returned by os.name would make the behavior more graceful.

Alternative version(s)

See also

  • Bulk upload sax.py - for huge imports where the XML file is too big for the default script (e.g. the Corine Land Cover France with 1.4 GB single file), a special version has been created in July 2009 to replace the DOM parsing loading the whole file in memory by the SAX parsing.