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OCHA is currently working to support expanded Information Management capacity within Burundi. With rising violence within the country, identification of health facilities will be important for supporting the health and safety of citizens. HOT/OSM kindly downloaded health facility data for all of Burundi. This dataset is currently the most up-to-date information we have regarding health facilities in country.

We are currently cleaning the data including removal of duplication as well as identification/verification for health facility type, number of administrative staff, number of health staff, information source, and potential confidence in the data.

Upon finalization, this dataset will be re-merged with OSM as well as shared publicly via the Humanitarian Data Exchange to support humanitarian response activities. There are ongoing conversations with WHO colleagues regarding field validation, however these are not finalized.

Data gathered from the hospitals will follow, to the extent possible, the healthsites.io schema (https://github.com/healthsites/healthsites/wiki/Healthsite-attributes).


A github repository has been created to maintain the Python scripts used for this import at https://github.com/samisnunu/GISCorps-DHN-Burundi.

The first step in this import was to gather existing data from hospitals that was already in OSM. This data was then enhanced and more added by GISCorps volunteers in an attempt to document the current location and status of each hospital.

Data was kept in .csv format with fields corresponding to keys. The preliminary tags crosswalk from the hospital dataset to OSM is presented in the table below.


Hospital Dataset

Categories if applicable OSM Key
Volunteer org is this the org operating the hospital? (in which case


UUID id:uuid=*
Time Stamp source:date=*
Name name =*
Lat latitude=*
Long longitude=*
Source source = *, url =*
Physical Address addr=*
Contact _Number contact:phone = *
Nature_of_Facility clinic without beds health_facility:type=clinic, health_facility:bed=no
clinic with beds health_facility:type=clinic, health_facility:bed=yes
first referral hospital hospital:type=first_referred 
second referral hospital hospital:type=second_referred 
General hospital hospital:type=general 
tertiary level hospital:type=tertiary 
University hospital hospital:type=university
Scope of Service all type of services healthcare:specialty=general
specialized care health_facility:type=specialized_hospital
general acute care healthcare:specialty=general
rehabilitation care healthcare=rehabilitation
old age/hospice care healthcare:specialty=geriatrics
children / pediatrics healthcare:specialty=paediatrics
trauma emergency=yes
Operations 24/24 - 7/7 opening_hours=24/7
open only during business hours opening_hours=*
other opening_hours=*
Number of full time beds capacity:beds=*
Number of part time beds capacity:part_time_beds=*
ANCILLIARY_SERVICES Operating theater ??
Laboratory health_facility:type=laboratory
Imaging equipment healthcare:speciality=radiology
intensive care unit healthcare:specialty=intensive_care_medicine
emergency department emergency=yes
ACTIVITIES Medicine and medical specialties ??
Surgery and surgical specialties healthcare:speciality=surgery
Maternal and women's health healthcare:specialty=gynaecology, healthcare:specialty = maternal
Pediatric care healthcare:specialty=paediatrics
Mental health healthcare:specialty=psychiatry
Geriatric care healthcare:specialty=geriatrics
Social care ??
STAFF Nurses staff_count:nurses=*, medical_staff:nurse=*
Doctors staff_count:doctors = *, medical_staff:doctor=*
health staff health_staff=*
admin staff admin_staff=*
OWNERSHIP Public ownership=public
Private not for profit ownership=private_nonprofit
private commercial ownership=private