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City: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK. here

Bury St Edmunds is a small city of about 40,000 people roughly midway between Cambridge and Ipswich and perhaps 50km south of Norwich. This suggests that eight people should be able to survey it completely in 5 hours and upload the results in another 5.


Saturday 16th August 2008 and depending on numbers, Sunday 17th August

Meet by the entrance to Bury St Edmunds rail station at 11am on the 16th. There are trains from Ipswich (dep 1016) arrive Bury 1053, from Peterborough (dep 0955) and Ely (dep 1032) arriving 1057 and from Cambridge (dep 1012) connecting with the train at Ely or direct from Cambridge (dep 0943) arrive 1023. All direct trains to Bury take bikes free of charge, no booking required, though some can only take 2 bikes.

We'll meet for lunch at The Lounge in Hatter Street (which is south off Abbeygate Street, the main shopping street leading from the square by the abbey gates), and So Bar (Langton Place, a bit further down Hatter Street) late afternoon. Both locations have free WiFi. At 6pm an OSM contributor has kindly offered their dining room table so we can collectively enter the data - I'll pass on details on the day.

We'll play it by ear for the Sunday, depending how much is done Saturday.

Contact phone number: 07977 500014


Usual things: a GPS receiver and something for note taking. A bike or shoe leather. We'll happily show beginners what to do. If you have a laptop computer, please bring it so we can also do some of the editing collectively.


The City is divided into 6 target sectors as shown on the map, plus the villages of Great Barton and the Fornhams, which are lower priority but could be addressed if we have time. East looks big, but hasn't got much north of the railway. Central and North-West are bordered by the link road to the A14 junction.



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