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Mapping Interests

I've been filling in some of the villages to the north of Cambridge that don't have full coverage. So far have completed Cottenham, Stretham, Wilburton, Haddenham, Sutton, Witcham, and added a signicant part of Soham (but still lots more to do). Also have added a significant amount of data to Peru mainly from the satellite imagery (with a small amount of GPS survey), including all of the lakes and main rivers, and some roads in Arequipa and Lima.

Current techniques

Most of my mapping is done on foot (to cover footpaths) or cycle (urban environments). I use a Garmin eTrex Legend HCX to collect GPX traces. Currently I'm using pen and paper to record details, although having to stop cycling to write things down is a bit of a pain, and somewhat negates the main advantage of cycling, namely that it's a quick way of covering a large number of streets. I'm considering audio recording or even photos (probably using my mobile phone) for future mapping, but yet to do a proper trial of these techniques.