Bus Routes in West Midlands

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Naming convention for Bus Routes in the West Midlands

For a list of existing relation ID's please consult Bus Routes in West Midlands/Route Refs. Use an existing relation where one already exists.

Firstly to get the route correctly labelled you need to enter a ref=xxx tag in the relation.

For naming the relation the proposal is to use the Operator Code use by Centro followed by the route no.

e.g NXWM Bus Route 37 or JON Bus Route X20

(I've started putting the operator code in brackets at the end of the route name. Makes its easier to find the route in JOSM as it gets ordered by the route number and perhaps better deals with multiple operators on the same route. blackadder 11:32, 1 July 2009 (UTC))

For the Operator tag it's best to use the full name of the operator so in the above examples we would have operator= National Express West Midlands and operator=Johnsons Coach Travel

A partial List of Operator Codes as used by Centro follows ( it covers Birmingham, Solihull, and Sandwell & Dudley - there are separate lists for Walsall, Wolverhampton and Coventry). Lists are published (copyright-free) on the reverse of the sub-regional Centro bus route maps (maps are copyrighted!)- available free at any Centro office

Code Operator
A2Z Travel A2Z
AAM The A&M Group
ALC ALC Travel
ALI A Line
ARR Arriva
BBS Banga Buses
CEB Central Buses
CEL Central Logistics
CEN Central Connect Buses
CEX Coach Express
CLA Claribel Coaches
COD Codsall Cars
CWT City Way Travel
DIA Diamond Bus
FIN Finesse Coaches
FMR First
GLB Golden Line
GOB Gold Bus
GRO Grosvenor Coaches
GTC Green Transport Company
HAN Hansons
HIR Hi Ride Coaches
JLN J Line
JOE Joe’s Travel
JON Johnsons Coach travel
LUD Ludlow
LYX Lynx Solutions
MCT Choice Travel Services
MRD Midland Rider
MRN Arriva Midlands
NXWM National Express West Midlands
RWG Redwing
SAT Sandwell Travel
SCO Scorpio Services
SIL Silverline Travel Service
SMR Stagecoach in Warwickshire
STA Star Bus Service
STB S T Buses
SUN Sunrise Travel
TEX Travel Express
VAL Valley Travel
WCS Worcestershire County Council
WPH Wombourne Private Hire