Bus routes in Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole

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Bus routes in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, the United Kingdom
Status started

Below lists bus services that operate in and around the Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch conurbation, in addition to routes in the New Forest and the Isle of Purbeck.

Currently most Yellow Buses RATP and Morebus services are listed.

The term 'Complete' refers to the route structure—stops may still be left out, one-way sections may not be roled, days of operation may have been left off, etc.

Table of routes


Network services

Services totally outside BCP are not listed here.

Route Origin Destination Notes Extent of relationing Relation ID (route master) Relation ID (forward) Relation ID (backward) Last checked
m1 Poole Castlepoint all-day service Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12727814 relation 975687 relation 12727492 2021-05-18
m2 Southbourne Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12737835 relation 975688 2021-05-20
Bournemouth Saturday morning short trip Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12737834 no service 2021-05-20
Poole Fisherman's Walk Early morning short trips Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) no service relation 12737833 2021-05-20
3 Poole Wimborne Mon-Sat daytime only Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12872847 relation 5164667 relation 9418606 2021-06-23
4 via Merley Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12872875 relation 12878281 relation 12878548 2021-06-23
via Corfe Mullen Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12878545 relation 12878282 2021-06-23
Merley one departure only Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12878546 relation 12878547 2021-06-23
Broadstone Mon-Sat daytime short workings Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 1116702 relation 12878276 2021-06-23
5 Poole Tollerford Road
6 Poole Tower Park
7A Upper Parkstone Alderney East
7B Upper Parkstone Bloxworth Estate
7C Upper Parkstone Tower Park
8 Poole Upton
9 Poole Upton
10 Poole Lytchett Matravers
11 Poole Bearwood
13 Bournemouth Wimborne
14 Poole Royal Bournemouth Hospital
15 Poole Royal Bournemouth Hospital
16 Poole Bournemouth
17 Poole Bournemouth
20 Poole Castlepoint
24 Poole St Catherine's Hill
32 Poole Bournemouth
40 Swanage Poole
50 Bournemouth Station Swanage Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12668143 relation 12668145 relation 1047294 2021-05-05
60 Rockley Park Sandbanks direct between Sandbanks and Poole Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 9435233 relation 12799407 relation 12799466
via Canford Cliffs Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12799408 relation 12799465
Poole evening service Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12799405 relation 12799464
Poole Sandbanks direct Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12799406 relation 9435201
via Canford Cliffs Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 9435134 relation 2313020
70 Poole Bournemouth (East Cliff) summer service Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12799232 relation 12799229 relation 12799231
evening departure, diverted through Sandbanks Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12799230 no service
125 Ringwood Christchurch
898 Poole Bus Station Asda
PRB King's Park Boscombe Pier
ONE Poole Bus Station Poole Quay
U1 Dorchester House University
U3 Southbourne University
X1 Bournemouth Lymington
X2 Bournemouth Lymington
X3 Salisbury Bournemouth
X6 Poole Bournemouth
X8 Poole Blandford

Closed-door school services

Route Origin Destination Notes Extent of relationing Relation ID (route master) Relation ID (forward) Relation ID (backward) Last checked
401 Branksome Poole High School
403 Poole Corfe Hills School
404 Broadstone Poole High School
405 Canford Heath Poole High School
407 Kinson Poole High School
408 Poole High School Upton
411 Westbourne Bournemouth Schools
412 St. Peter's School Poole
413 Bournemouth Ferndown Upper School
414 Kinson Poole College
415 Canford Cliffs Poole Grammar School
416 Penn Hill Poole Grammar School
417 Alder Hills Poole Grammar School
418 Sandbanks Poole Grammar School
419 Lilliput Poole Grammar School
425 Merley Broadstone Middle School
428 Upton Cornerstone Academy
435 Moordown Poole College
441 Sandbanks Parkstone Grammar School
443 County Gates Parkstone Grammar School
447 Alder Hills Parkstone Grammar School
448 Poole Old Town Parkstone Grammar School
449 Penn Hill Avenue Parkstone Grammar School
450 Wallisdown Parkstone Grammar School
702 Christchurch Kingston Maurward College
703 Kinson Kingston Maurward College
704 Verwood Kingston Maurward College via Merley
713 Poole Queen Elizabeth School
714 Poole Allenbourn Middle School
716 Verwood Poole College
736 Park Gates Bournemouth Schools
755 Bournemouth Rail Station Bournemouth Schools
769 Corfe Mullen St. Peter's School
780 Purewell St. Peter's School
788 Highcliffe Bournemouth Schools
789 Lymington Bournemouth Schools

Yellow Buses

Network services

Route Origin Destination Notes Extent of relationing Relation ID (route master) Relation ID (forward) Relation ID (backward) Last checked
1 Poole Christchurch
1a Bournemouth New Milton
1b Bournemouth Christchurch
2 Bournemouth Bearwood daytime service Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12679842 relation 1067097 relation 12679767 2021-05-06
evening service, omit Townsend Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12679842 no service
Castlepoint daytime service Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12679844 relation 12679860
evening service, omit Townsend Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12679843 relation 12679859
night service, omit Old Christchurch Road & Townsend Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12679841
Royal Bournemouth Hospital Sunday morning service Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4) relation 12679840 relation 12679858
3 Westbourne Royal Bournemouth Hospital
4 Bournemouth Castlepoint
4a Bournemouth Moordown
5 Bournemouth East Howe
5a Bournemouth West Howe
6 Bournemouth Wimborne
6h Royal Bournemouth Hospital Wimborne
11 Bournemouth Pier Mudeford
12 Alum Chine Hengistbury Head
BFE Christchurch Ringwood
18 Bournemouth Broadstone
21 Bransgore Christchurch
31 Castlepoint Somerford
33 Bournemouth Christchurch
36 Talbot View Kinson
737 Bournemouth Bournemouth Airport

Commercial school services

Route Origin Destination Notes Extent of relationing Relation ID (route master) Relation ID (forward) Relation ID (backward) Last checked
46 Throop Avonbourne & Harewood Colleges
60 Wallisdown Bournemouth Schools
81 Charminster Avonbourne & Harewood Colleges
85 Kinson St Peter's School
86 West Moors St Peter's School
87 Ensbury Park St Peter's School
88 Winton St Peter's School
744 Old Town Oakdale Junior School

Closed-door school services

Route Origin Destination Notes Extent of relationing Relation ID (route master) Relation ID (forward) Relation ID (backward) Last checked
1E Alum Chine Avonbourne Academy
1S Bournemouth St Peter’s School
2G Bournemouth Castlepoint
2W Bournemouth Castlepoint
3G Bournemouth Station Mill Road
5E Ensbury Park Avonbourne Academy
5G Bournemouth Ensbury Park
18S Bournemouth Parkstone Grammar School
33S Somerford Bournemouth
45 Hamworthy Lytchett Minster School
55 Branksome Lytchett Minster School
85S Kinson St Peter's School
86S West Moors St Peter's School
87S Ensbury Park St Peter's School
88S Winton St Peter's School
MQ01 Corfe Mullen Sturminster Marshall
PK1 Bournemouth Station Parkfield School
PK2 Bournemouth Station Parkfield School