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CLEANMAP was a rough visualisation of what a "ODBL/CT" licensable map would look at this point in time.

What CLEANMAP did:

  • hide objects that were created by mappers that have not agreed to the OSM contributor terms, exceptions below
  • track new agreers short term
  • track edits to the OSM database

What CLEANMAP did not do:

  • show changes in geometry due to way nodes being deleted, this may be implemented in a future version
  • show information loss due to edits by non-agreers
  • show the effects of splits and mergers on ways, this may be added in the future
  • hide some objects tagged with "natural=*" this was done to avoid flooding and may be removed in a future version
  • show more than Europe, this may change in a future version too
  • expire tiles that contain data from newly agreeing mappers automatically
  • show anything that is not rendered by the standard OSM Mapnik style

Status & News

2012-07-21 CLEANMAP discontinued. The redaction has processed essentially the whole planet, making the map superfluous. With the exception of data redacted due to black listed changesets (mostly by people trying to copy & paste remap) and above restrictions, the results mirror what actually happened guite closely.

2012-07-11 We have stopped synchronizing with the OSM database due to the start of the redaction period. We are still following and rendering the effect of users that are accepting the contributor terms for now to catch whatever last minute acceptance there is.

2012-04-14 The server serving the UNDELETE_IT layer and generating the Garmin ODbL status overlays is scheduled to be decommissioned today. The layer may return after the database redaction, based on the first full history planet dump when available.

2012-03-07 Multi-polygon batch update code now supports odbl=clean. Note that this is still not guaranteed to be perfect due to technical reasons.

2012-02-29 New "UNDELETE_IT" layer.

  • This layer renders deleted objects that were created by contributor term acceptors, this does not mean that all tags are clean and can be used.
  • Example Region
  • By pressing <SHIFT><CTRL> or <SHIFT><ALT> and dragging the mouse you can get more information on the deleted objects in that bounding box, in particular a link to the history service on Note this does not work with MS Internet Explorer.
  • More information on remapping from deleted objects can be found on the Remapping page.
  • While some clean up of the data has happened, don't forget that in general there was a reason this data was removed.
  • Further please note that the layer is static and reflects the status as of 13th February 2012.

2012-02-11 POIs visible from zoom level 14 on "BADMAP". This is a slight departure from using standard mapnik rendering rules. Note general caveat about nodes below.

2012-02-11 Builtup areas shape-file based layer turned of for "BADMAP". The areas will disapear over the next couple of days when the tiles are re-rendered.

2012-01-30 Relations with type=boundary are now included in the multipolygon processing.

2012-01-28 There will be a short outage of roughly 30 minutes today 22:30 UTC.

2012-01-28 Fixed nasty bug in multipolygon handling and updated the status of all such objects. This added roughly 14'000 bad objects.

2012-01-21 Switched back to the normal server, reason for crashes was a bad CPU fan.

2012-01-20 The server is currently offline due to repeated crashes, the reason is being investigated. Currently you will get the old Europe-only version. Note that this version has a number of differences to the new one, in particular it doesn't support the odbl=clean flag and handles multi-polygons differently.

2012-01-18 Replaced the <Shift> key with the <Ctrl> key for the statistics area selection (see below), <Alt> key works too (for Mac users).

2012-01-18 Pressing the <Shift> key and selecting an area with the mouse will generate statistics for the selected bounding box. These numbers are generated directly from the rendering database and are very current, however do not include multi-ploygons, nor untagged way nodes, nor any objects that are not rendered in the standard mapnik style. The generated list is sortable by all fields. CT decliners are in red.

2012-01-16 Added View/Edit menu (this is just a quick hack)

2012-01-14 Issue with expiring "BADMAP" tiles due to not backward compatible changes in renderd fixed.

2012-01-14 Switched to OpenLayers.

2012-01-11 Global version online. Further changes: odbl=clean tag support, better multipolygon handling.

2012-01-01 Added "BADMAP" map layer displaying data that will be deleted.

2011-12-31 Map data is current.

2011-12-27 Automatic expiry on licence data implemented.

2011-12-25 Added roughly 80'000 polygons tagged with natural=* to the list of supressed objects.

2011-12-24 Beta testing started. Map data is roughly 2.5 days old.


"CLEANMAP" runs on a Hetzner EX-4 plus a HW-RAID controller and 2 300 GB 15'000 RPM SAS disks. This is naturally not an "industrial strength" tile server and should not be expected to be very fast. The previous Europe-only version ran on a EX-5 and was seriously IO-bound.

All indices and the rendering tables are located on the 300GB disks in a RAID 1 configuration, the slim tables and tiles on the 3TB disks in a RAID 1 config.

Notes and Issues

  • Due to the number of issues with using Leaflet, I've switched to OpenLayers, fixing a number of the issues below
  • Zoom in button '+' doesn't work for IE users, workaround double click in the map
  • no permalinks, workaround to reload tiles: switch to standard map and switch back
  • date of map data is not displayed
  • no map selected in layer selector on start up
  • Attibution disapears after multiple layer switches, refreshing the map shows it again.
  • Permalink only works for the "CLEANMAP" layer.
  • Outer elements of multi-polygon relations have the ODBL status of the relation not of the element itself.
  • if any of the outer members of a multi-polygon are non-compliant, all outer members are considered to have that status. The status of the relation itself is not considered. In particular do not infer that the whole MP will be deleted if shown on BADMAP.
  • there are some issues with multipolygons being displayed/not-displayed if any of their outer members was ever non-compliant (correct behaviour would be to only consider current members)
  • "BADMAP" displays built up areas etc. from the standard mapnik configuration at lower zoom levels, this is not OSM data and is not in danger of being removed (this might be considered a feature)
  • Please note that tiles for zoom levels 10-18 are rendered on-demand (which may fail due to too high load on the server) and tiles for zoom levels 0-9 are regenerated infrequently in batch mode.
  • Bad nodes that have none of the original information retained (because for example they were created without tags and later moved) are not automatically detainted. The preferred way of dealing with these is to tag them odbl=clean if you can really verify that the node is clean.