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Healthsites and OpenStreetmap Senegal will continue to develop the #datacollaborative established in Senegal in 2019. The collaborative is a semi-formal network that identifies and shares geospatial data on health to OpenStreetMap. It works to identify gaps and barriers to sharing, defines methodologies and data models for sharing and supports stakeholders with sharing and the use of data especially for decision-making. In this COVIDaction funded work we will focus on the mapping of Emergency Health data and the validation of this data with key stakeholders in the health cluster. The process was started in 2019 with the Chief Medical Officer in the district of Saint Louis and colleagues from Afrimapr, Centre des Opérations d’Urgence Sanitaire (COUS) and the La Direction de la Planification, de la Recherche et des Statistiques (DPRS). The long term goal of the work is to synchronise baseline health facility data between the Ministry of health, the National Statistics office and OpenStreetMap. Our Logical Framework activities include advocating for data sharing and the development of open data policies in support of the National eHealth strategy.

The work has been funded by the COVIDaction Vaccine Data Co-Lab developing capacity for vaccine deployment. The COVIDaction Vaccine Data Co-Lab is an FCDO-led effort to close data gaps and advance equitable and speedy COVID-19 vaccine distribution in LMICs.


Community Consultation

The work is a collaboration with OpenStreetMap Senegal


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In progress

Tools and Data Sources

The field team visited facilities and saved the data to Kobo collect Once cleaned and validated the data will be uploaded to OSM using JOSM


Healthsites emergency-health data-validation (please request access)


OpenStreetMap Senegal membership

Bougouma Seck
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Adama Niane
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Rokhaya Seck

Measuring our Success

  • Identification of primary Emergency health user stories with stakeholders in the district of Saint Louis
  • Validation of supporting baseline health facility data
  • Identification of trusted OpenStreetMap users
  • Definition of a data validation process with COUS and the Direction of Planning, Research and Statistics.


Post-Event Clean Up


This COVIDaction funded campaign work was completed in three months and gave the field team the opportunity to validate 398 health facilities in the medical district of Saint Louis.

The project team developed a validation method that consisted of three essential parts.

  1. Compare data sets to consolidate naming convention between COUS, DPRS and OpenStreetMap.
  2. Identify priority attributes from the emergency health user stories.
  3. Visit facilities in the field to validate the data attributes.

16 personas and 101 user stories were established and are supported by the validated data.