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Description Osm Import of geographic data in Cameroon
Source Institut National de Cartographie de Yaoundé
Date 13 Mars 2013
Permission ODbL 1.0 / DbCL 1.0 / CC-BY-SA 2.0
This wiki page documents what data related to the Cameroon has been or is being imported into OpenStreetMap. This is part of WikiProject Cameroon.
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Guidelines for Cameroon data import

  1. The new talk-cm list is now active! Subscribe!!
  2. Planned imports will be announced to the talk-cm list.
  3. Local community-consensus should be made before imports.


Enrich and extend the disposable OSM data in Cameroun under the rules of the Open-Source

Proposal for import:

  • Only data from contributors who gave explicit consent will be imported.
  • Data review and assessment. Check for data integrity (copyright issues, etc.).
  • Data received

Import Project n°1

The National Institute of Cartography of Yaounde signed a permission to integrate its data to Openstreetmap. The data collected consist of a vector file of the boundaries of the departments of the North and Far North of Cameroon and raster files of the two regions.

Authorization of the use and sharing of data


  • Rectify the maps in QGIS or georeference them in JOSM

Data Quality

The data collected is of excellent quality overall but it is not ready-to-use.



Eurosha Project Cameroon:

Willy Franck SOB:

  • OSM User Page: [1]