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Fixme files content

The Fixme file content shows significant differences found by comparing Osm and Canvec data. The content should not be uploaded in OSM database as is. The provided features should be used in conjonction with field knowledge and/or available images to check for potential updates to make to existing Osm database.

When the file is loaded in JOSM, the JOSM FIXME Highlight Warnings Style can be used to color ways that contain Fixme messages (colors indicated between parenthesis below). This style is simply imported from the JOSM Mappaint Preference menu.

The features have only two tags. a Note tag with specific explanations and a Fixme tag with one of the following content...

  • Commited – Canvec feature does not match any Osm feature. Missing/Misclassified Osm feature? (dashed orange-red)
  • Omited – Osm feature does not match any Canvec feature. Missing/Misclassified Canvec feature? (dashed orange-green)
  • Unmatched – OSM and Canvec geometries are significantly different.Geometries need to be fixed? (dashed orange-blue)
  • Attributed – Osm and Canvec geometries matched but some common attributes differ. Attributes need to be fixed? (dashed orange-yellow)

Sample files are available for discussion with the community. Here is some fixme files for urban areas...