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Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
latitude: 52.1294, longitude: -122.1407
Browse map of Williams Lake 52°07′45.84″ N, 122°08′26.52″ W
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Williams Lake
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Williams Lake is a city in British Columbia, Canada at latitude 52°07′45.84″ North, longitude 122°08′26.52″ West.


== Areas Needing Attention Focus on major highways first, so we can at least be part of routing needs for the Alaskan summer travelers :)

  • Highway 20 West until you hit the coast
  • Refinements on Highway 97 North and South of the City
  • Logging roads
  • ... ?

Data to verify

  • All tagging, since this is spatialguru's first job :)

Tagging Guidelines

Wanting to follow the Canadian tagging guidelines where they apply.