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Documentation for Ottawa Address data

Data in shapefile

Key Description
OBJECTID Internal Identifier
OBJECTID_1 Internal Identifier
PIN Internal Identifier
addrStatus Status of the node (possible values observed: AS, RE)
addrType Type of address (possible values observed: MAIN, SUBORD)
address Number part of the address
createdBy Internal usage for user editing
createDate Possible usage for survey:date in OSM
roadName Useless as lacks characters such as "-" and others like "é" seems to be ASCII-128 in capital letters
roadnameID Internal usage for their DB
roadNameSt Seems to be a status field if the name is registered or not.
roadType Type of road(see below)
road_name_ Internal usage for their DB
streetBlad For use with substringing information (contains: (Road type in french abriv.) Road Name (Road type in English abriv.))

Possible values for roadType

Value French Abriv (streetBlad) English Abriv (streetBlad)
WAY voie Way
RIDGE côte Ridge
LANE rle. Lane
CIR cer. Cir.
DR prom. Dr.
RD ch. Rd.
CRES crois. Cres.
AVE av. Ave.
ST rue St.
CRT cour Crt.
PRIV privé Priv.
TERR tsse. Terr.
PL place Pl.
WD N/A Wood
HTS plat. Hts.
SQ car. Sq
GT porte Gate
BAY pass. Bay
GT porte Gate

(more missing)