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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

latitude: 45.41, longitude: -75.71
Browse map of Ottawa 45°24′36.00″ N, 75°42′36.00″ W
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Ottawa is a City in Ontario, Canada at latitude 45°24′36.00″ North, longitude 75°42′36.00″ West.

We're a local bunch working hard to improve the surrounding map, as well as helping out with Humanitarian mapping tasks.

Why not come down to one of our monthly meetups? We announce them on Join us!

Welcome, New Editors

If you're new to Openstreetmap (we all were at one point :)), we would suggest the following:


Local user group
OpenStreetMap Ottawa Flag of Canada.svg
When: At least once a month has been our goal. More is better:)
Where: So far its been coffee shops around the city. (map)
Mailing list
mailing list – archive
OSM - Ottawa Meetup Group
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Mapping Parties/Meetups

Everyone is welcome!

We've been using a Meetup group to organize the events and to help get visibility with folks who might not know about Openstreetmap.


Since October 2013, we've been trying to meet once a month at local coffee shops to map, chat and learn/share about Openstreetmap.


If you'd like to sponsor Ottawa's OSM Meetups, please get in touch with <@DenisCarriere>.

Local Map Edits and Mappers


Getting Help

It's always best to start with the mailing lists.


Introduction to Spatial

  • MapSchool provides a brief introduction to many of the main topics in spatial/GIS/mapping.

How to Access OSM Data

Openstreetmap is really about the data. What you see rendered on the main map page is only a fraction of what is in the database; many objects/tags are not rendered, but can still be queried. That's what makes OSM powerful!

Data Extracts

These great sites provide data extracts (think cookie cutting the data for a particular area and make it available in numerous formats for consumption).

Data API's

Data Tools

  • add data tools/command line utilities here

Viewing The Data


Ideas/thoughts on growing community and reaching out to other groups/folks who would find this useful/interesting.

Useful info for Ottawa mappers


The coverage of Ottawa is fairly complete. Much of the content has come from CanVec, but there is also original content from various contributors.

As of April 2017, validation of imported City of Ottawa building shape data is under way.

Cycling facilities

Different ways

These are the most important tags to add. Tags such as speed and parking in the on-street facilities are important for determining levels of traffic stress.

Photo Comments Tags (with example)
Paved Multi-use paths (MUPs) Example:

Sentier des Voyageurs Pathway

These are paved, shared pathways. They may be on either NCC or municipal property (path signage is a helpful clue as to ownership) bicycle=yes




name=Ottawa River Pathway


Cycle Route Ottawa River Pathway

Unpaved MUPs Example:

NCC Greenbelt West

These are wide well-maintained paths suitable for walking and cycling. Most, but not all, are stone dust pathways, though some are dirt or grass surface. Ownership may be NCC or municipal. bicycle=yes



name=Pinecrest Creek


Cycle Route Pinecrest Creek

Separated bicycle facilities


Laurier -- note that there are two separate ways; one for the westbound, one for eastbound

O'Connor -- note that there is just one way, since northbound and southbound are side-by-side

These are not typical on-street painted bicycle lanes.

For facilities that have some sort of separation between the regular roadway and the cycling facility, make a separate way for the bicycle facility.



name=O'Connor Bikeway



Cycle Route O'Connor Bikeway

On-street bicycle lanes, with or without adjacent on-street parking Percy These just add attributes to regular roads.

Use this as an authoritative guide.

For roads with lanes on both sides:


For roads with a lane on just one side (for example, divided roads)



cycleway:right=lane If on-street parking is present use: parking:lane:right=parallel (for the right side of the road) or parking:lane:left=parallel (for the left side of the road)

Contra-flow bicycle lanes Buffered contra-flow lane on Garland These lanes travel against the flow of roads that are one-way for motor vehicles. They may be protected, buffered, or just paint. For roads with contraflow track on the right:


For roads with contraflow track on the left: cycleway:left=opposite_track

Roads with shared facilities (sharrows, shared bus lanes, advisory bike lanes, etc.) "Super" sharrow on the Bank St. Bridge

Northbound Carling just east of Preston

Not sure what to do about 'suggested bicycle lanes'. For sharrows:


For bus lanes:


Desire lines Desire line through park These are well-worn but unmaintained paths, typically following a direct line between two destinations.




Mountain biking and hiking trails Trail on NCC property Paths are typically narrow and may include challenging terrain, exposed roots or rocks, making them unsuitable for certain bikes. They typically follow an indirect line for recreational purposes.



When possible, put as many common tags in a relation instead of in the individual way tags.

There are three types of relations related to cycling routes.

Comments Tags
NCC MUP These are regional bicycle routes (rcn) name=Ottawa River Pathway

name:fr=Sentier de la Rivière des Outaouais





rcn_ref=Ottawa River Pathway

City of Ottawa MUP These are local routes (lcm) name=Trillium Pathway

name:fr=(not sure what the translation is)

operator=City of Ottawa





City of Ottawa suggested bicycle network The master reference is from the City of Ottawa open data route=bicycle


name=City of Ottawa suggested bicycle network

Other things about cycling

Items on the routes that are good to tag.

Description Tags
Garbage cans amenity=waste_basket
Benches amenity=bench
Water fountains amenity=drinking_fountain
Repair stations amenity=bicycle_repair_station
Bicycle parking bicycle_parking=loops


Consider the following guide:

Key:bicycle parking

Car parking amenity=parking

Consider the following guide: Parking#Cars .26 motor vehicle parking

Lighting lit=yes or lit=no
Surface types If it is paved (regardless of condition), set surface=paved. If it is badly paved, add smoothness=bad. See Surface and Smoothness for more details.

This is an example of a badly paved surface: Badly paved surface

Flooding Use this tag only for paths that flood every year: flood_prone=yes
French Translation Add the following tags:

name:fr=Sentier des Voyageurs

Intersection Tags (to be filled in; consider stop signs, dismount signs, crosswalks, cross rides, etc).
Winter clearing (to be decided)

Other information

Cycle routes

Good cycle map renderers:

Bilingual street names

The majority of streets in Ottawa are tagged with name=XXXX street therefore

Please tag roads in the city of Ottawa with:

A rule set for Maperitive is available that displays the French version of the street name.

	map-background-color	: #F1EEE8
	map-background-opacity	: 1
	map-sea-color : #B5D0D0
	font-weight : bold
	font-family : Verdana Bold
	text-halo-width : 25%
	text-halo-opacity : 0.75
	text : name:fr

Do not abbreviate street endings. Note that the French equivalent of an English street type is USUALLY as follows:

English French
Avenue avenue
Bay passage
Boulevard boulevard
Circle cercle
Court cour
Crescent croissant
Drive promenade
Driveway promenade
Gate porte
Green vert
Grove bois
Heights plateau
Lane ruelle
Loop cercle
Park parc
Parkway promenade
Place place
Private privé
Road chemin
Row rang
Square carré
Street rue
Terrace terrace
Trail sentier
Walk cours
Way voie

See also which is the authority See also

Suggested Tasks


Mark completed tasks with {{Done}}, and it will look like OOjs UI icon check-constructive.svg


  • [ ] Content of remainder page has not been updated since late 2013. Need to review and clean up.
  • [ ] Review all links on page.
  • [Add links to sidebar
    • [ ] Validation/local mappers/extracts
  • [ ] Add mapillary llnk
  • clean up Ontario Province Page.

Data Import

Ottawa Data Import - City of Ottawa Dataset by type, license and permission, import plan

To Be Cleaned Up

This sections needs to be reviewed and cleaned up. Hasn't been touched since 2013:(

Major construction projects

The LRT construction needs to be tracked in OSM. In particular, the long-term ramp closures should be reflected in the map.


Highway 417, Queensway

This is fairly well mapped in both directions as one-way ways. Off and on ramps are largely missing. (These should be tagged as below)

On-ramp example

name=Highway 417 Eastbound 

Off-ramp example

name=Sparks Street
ref=Exit 123 / Sparks Street

When ramps split / merge use more-specific descriptions where applicable

Mapped west to construction in Arnprior. Mapped all the way to Montreal in the east bound direction.

Highway 416, Veterans Memorial

Mapped south bound only (Oct 28th, 2006), except for the northernmost section that joins up with the 417.

Noted that the coastline along the seaway crossing includes the bridge crossing to the US at the end of the 416, where it joins the 401 as a land bridge. Its a big bridge, but not that big! The coastline is an automatically loaded coastline. If we fix it will it simply be unfixed at some point??

Highway 17

Mapped from the 417 split out to Trim Road in both directions. Missing on and off ramps at most locations.


Reference: List of bridges in Ottawa

All bridges are separate ways except where noted in the table as being "via" another road.

  • Type:
    • R = railway
    • V = motorvehicle
    • T = train
    • B = bus
  • Grey entries have not been mapped yet
Waterway Name Type* Connecting Notes
Ottawa River OCRR R Vydon Acres, Quebec Pontiac-Station, Quebec
Champlain Bridge V Island Park Drive, Westboro Place Samuel-de-Champlain, Aylmer, Gatineau, Quebec NCC owned.
Prince of Wales Bridge R Bayview Hull, Gatineau, Quebec
Chaudière Bridge V Booth Street, Lebreton Flats Rue Eddy, Hull
Portage Bridge V Wellington Street, Lebreton Flats Boulevard Maisonneuve, Hull

Interprovincial (Alexandra) Bridge V St. Patrick Street and Murray Street, Lower Town Boulevard St-Laurent, Hull
Macdonald-Cartier Bridge V King Edward Avenue, Lower Town Autoroute de la Gatineau (Autoroute 5), Hull Done, Quebec bound only
Rideau River Sussex Drive V Lower Town New Edinburgh via Sussex Drive
Minto Bridges V King Edward, Lower Town Union Street, New Edinburgh
St. Patrick Bridge V St. Patrick Street, Lower Town Beechwood Avenue, Vanier
Cummings Bridge V Rideau Street, Sandy Hill Montreal Road, Vanier
Hurdman Bridge V Sandy Hill Eastway Gardens via the Queensway, Highway 417.
Pedestrian bridge P Algonquin College's (former) Rideau Campus, Ottawa East Hurdman Park
Transitway B Lees Transitway Station Hurdman Transitway Station.
G. McIlraith Bridge V Main Street, Old Ottawa South Smyth Road, Alta Vista.
Billings Bridge V Old Ottawa South Alta Vista via Bank Street
G. Dunbar Bridge V Carleton University Riverside Park via Bronson Avenue
O-Train bridge T Carleton stop Confederation stop
Heron Road Bridge V Baseline Road, Courtland Park Heron Road, Alta Vista Also crosses the Rideau Canal
Hog's Back Road V Rideau View Riverside Park
  • via Hog's Back Road
  • Owned by the NCC
  • Also crosses over the Rideau Canal
  • Partly mapped?
OCRR Railway Bridge V Merivale Mooney's Bay
Michael J. E. Sheflin Bridge V Clearview Airport-Uplands via Hunt Club Road
Nicolls Island Road V Nicolls Island The mainland in Gloucester
Bridge Street V Bridge Street, Manotick Mitch Owens Road, Osgoode
Regional Road 6 V Connects Roger Stevens Drive, Kars Snake Island Road, Osgoode
Highway 416 V Reevcraig Sabourins Crossing
Regional Road 44 V Becketts Landing Kemptville
Burritts Rapids Bridge V Donnelly Drive, Burritts Rapids County Road 22, North Grenville
West Branch of the Rideau River Barnsdale Road V Nepean Manotick
Bridge Street V Downtown Manotick Long Island duplicate of Bridge st, above?
Rideau Canal Plaza Bridge V Wellington Street, Centre Town Rideau Street, By Ward Market
Mackenzie King Bridge V Albert and Slater Streets, Centre Town Waller Street, Sandy Hill The transitway also uses this bridge
Laurier Bridge V Centre Town University of Ottawa via Laurier Avenue.
Pedestrian Bridge V Centre Town Ottawa University Campus Transitway Station
Queensway V Glebe and Centretown Old Ottawa East via Highway 417.
Pretoria Bridge V Elgin Street, Glebe Hawthorne Avenue, Old Ottawa East This is a Lift bridge
Bank Street Bridge V Glebe Old Ottawa South
Bronson Avenue V Glebe Carleton University
Rail tunnel T Carleton station Carling station
  • just west of Dows Lake
  • Used by O-Train
Heron Road Bridge V see above
Hog's Back Road V see above

Primary Roads

These are roads dividing neighborhoods.

  • Carling (80%?)
  • Bank
  • Main
  • Bronson
  • Airport Parkway
  • others?


Neighbourhood mapping state. List from Wikipedia:List_of_Ottawa_neighbourhoods.


Central Neighborhoods
Area Neighborhood % Notes Area Boundaries
Downtown Byward Market
Centre Town
Centre Town West
Downtown 5%
  • Need to photo street signs.
Glebe 5%
  • Need to photo street signs.
Old Ottawa East 90%
  • Need to photo street signs.
  • Missing a few lane ways, north of the queensway & rideau gardens, SW of main
  • St. Paul's grounds / parks
  • Immaculata grounds
  • community churchs
    • Calvary Baptist Church
    • Holy Canadian Martyrs
    • Peace Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
    • Wesley United Church
    • Holy Ghost Portuguese Community Centre
    • Church of the Ascension
    • Sainte-Famille / Sagrada familia
Old Ottawa South 30%
  • Need to photo street signs. (some done on the initial bike ride)
Lebreton Flats
  • Need to update for recent construction.
Lowertown 0%
  • North of Sandy hill (N of Rideau, East of King Edward)
Sandy Hill 80%
  • Need to photo street signs.
  • All streets west of King Edward were missed. (UofO, and roads north of)
East of Downtown Castle Heights
Finter Quarries
Lees Avenue
Manor Park
New Edinburgh
Rockcliffe Park
Viscount Alexander Park
South of Downtown Airport-Uplands
Alta Vista
Billings Bridge
Confederation Heights
Eastway Gardens
Hawthorne Meadows
Heron Gate
Hunt Club
Hunt Club Chase
Hunt Club Estate
Hunt Club Woods
Mooney's Bay
Riverside Park
Sheffield Glen
South Keys
West of Downtown Bel-Air Heights
Bel-Air Park
Braemar Park
Britannia Bay
Civic Hospital
Copeland Park
Courtland Park
Glabar Park
Hampton Park
Highland Park
Kenson Park
Lincoln Heights
McKellar Heights
McKellar Park
Michelle Heights
Ottawa West
Queensway Terrace North
Rideau View
Tunney's Pasture
  • Needs some updating for new parking regime.
Westboro 10%
  • Need to photo street signs.
  • Missing some privates N of transitway, E of churchhill
Woodroffe North
Further West of Downtown
(The former city of Nepean)
Arbeatha Park
Arlington Woods
Bell's Corners
Borden Farm
Briar Green
Carleton Heights
Cedarhill Estates
Centrepointe 75%
  • Need to photo street signs.
  • Do outside the Centrepointe loop, inside is now mapped.
  • Do centrepointe park foot paths, pond, path to transitway & skate park
  • (Note when comparing vs. google maps that the new developement west of centrepointe is missing... yeah for something not of duplicated effort!)
City View
Country Place
Craig Henry
Crystal Bay
Crystal Beach
Davidson Heights
Fisher Glen
Fisher Heights
Graham Park
Grenfell Glen
Hearts Desire
Leslie Park
Lynwood Village
The Meadows
Merivale Gardens
Orchard Estates
Parkwood Hills
Pheasant Run
Rideau Glen
Rocky Point
Ryan Farm
Shirleys Bay
Trend Village
Twin Elm
Westcliffe Estates


Kanata and surrounding communities, west of Highway 416.

  • Bell's Corner
  • Lynwood Village
  • Kanata
  • Morgan's Grant (Kanata)
  • Shirley's Brook (Kanata)
  • Bridlewood (Kanata)
  • Emerald Meadows (Kanata)
  • Katimavik (Kanata)
  • Stittsville
  • Carp (West Carleton)
  • Dunrobin (West Carleton)
  • Constance Bay (West Carleton)
  • Fitzroy Harbour (and provincial park) (West Carleton)
  • Galetta (West Carleton)
  • Kinburn (West Carleton)
  • McLaren's Landing (West Carleton)
  • Shepherd's Grove (West Carleton)


Orleans and surrounding communities, east of the Hichway 416/16 split.

  • Orleans (community names??)
  • Blackburn Hamlet


  • Barhaven (community names??)
  • Old Barhaven
  • Stonehaven
  • Cedar Hill Estates
  • Orchard Estates
  • Riverside South
  • Manotick Station

Surrounding Communities

These are way down the list but if you happen to be driving around...

  • Navan
  • Greely
  • Cumberland
  • Metcalfe
  • Osgoode
  • Cars
  • North Gower
  • Others...


The river and canals need to be added. I haven't managed to get the landsat plugin for josm working. With that it should be fairly easy to do...

Parks and Trails

A list of all parks in Ottawa is available at

this needs to be transcribed here (or into its own page) so we can track which parks have been mapped.

All paths within an Ottawa park should be considered multi use ie cycling permitted unless signed cycles prohibited. This follows a conversation with an Ottawa city official about why some paths in parks where marked down as cycle in their cycle map and other identical ones weren't. The signage on the paths was the same.

Please tag NCC and Ottawa City cycle paths as highway=path, foot=yes, bicycle=yes

Please tag signed cycle routes as bicycle=designated

Please tag paved hard shoulders as shoulder:access:bicycle=yes shoulder:surface=paved

There are rule sets available to render these correctly in Maperitive etc.

(see also: Gatineau, below)

Sports Fields

ultimate, soccer, hockey arenas, etc.

Urban Path System

  • canal
  • others?

Public Transport

  • O-train
  • Trains to Montreal and Toronto (VIA Rail)?
  • Abandoned trackways?
  • Bus routes

Points of Interest


The Reading University map created by TomChance is really beautiful...

University of Ottawa

Carleton University

Algonquin College

Other Projects

There are numerous validation errors on the map as it stands. They show up in JOSM if you download a piece of the map, then click on the Validation button at the bottom of the Validation window on the right of the window. There are also other tools available. I (TomT5454) have begun a project to clean up as much as possible, leaving most of the rest for investigation. Typical of the latter: missing power poles, culverts, bridges, or nothing where waterways cross highways, etc. I propose to move in manageably-sized chunks .06 degrees wide east-to-west and .04 degrees high north-to-south. Starting chunk was at the northwest corner of the area to be covered. People are welcome to join in this effort. People can coordinate either by sending me an E-mail identifying the chunk they are taking and a subsequent note when they are finished, or updating this Wiki directly.

  • N 45.44 to 45.40, W 75.98 to 75.92 done 2012-12-02. Some water-road crossings need checking to see if a culvert is present.
  • N 45.44 to 45.40, W 75.92 to 75.86 sort of done 2012-12-02. Aylmer administrative boundaries still embed segments of other objects. Need new administrative boundaries, given that Aylmer is now part of Gatineau. Need surveys to pick up road names, ensure correct placement of some neighbourhoods.
  • N 45.44 to 45.40, W 75.86 to 75.80 and 75.80 to 75.74 done 2012-12-16. Most common problem was roads terminating on area boundaries. On Ottawa side, some duplication between Canvec 6 and Canvec 7.

Crossing the River, Gatineau and Environs

  • Ferry Crossing from Fitzroy Harbour, ON to Quyon PQ


Gatineau Park

  • also the myriad trails for bike, cross-country, and hiking

See also

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