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Discussing car parks and places to park bicycles and other vehicles.



Parking is a place where people can park their vehicle.

See parking=* for the parking key that is used to specify the type of parking facility.

How to map

Minimal tagging is just to map a node with amenity=parking or another parking tag like amenity=bicycle_parking, depending on the type of parking. If possible, parking should be mapped with an area and tagged with additional properties and detail. Street parking, particularly in the form of a parking lane or highway shoulder, can instead be mapped via tags on the road way (highway=*) itself using parking:*=*.

The parking=* key can be used together with amenity=parking to specify the type of parking facility. Most used values are:

Cars & motor vehicle parking

  • amenity=parking - The main tag covering most conventional car parks, coach parks etc. Many additional tags are listed on this page.
  • amenity=parking_entrance - For entrances to parking lots. Can be used to map parking facilities, especially when they are underground.

Bicycle parking

Stroller parking

Boat parking

Private/residential parking

  • building=garage - For single-user or single-owner private garage building.
  • building=garages - For buildings which are blocks of private garages, where each garage space has a different owner.

See also

  • tourism=caravan_site - For a place where caravans / motorhomes / recreational vehicles can stay overnight, or longer.