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Public-images-osm logo.svg bicycle_parking
For describing the type of bicycle parking. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Bicycles
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The type of bicycle parking, always used together with amenity=bicycle_parking.


This tag is used for describing the type of bicycle parking.

Key Value Element Comment Photo
bicycle_parking stands nodearea A bent piece of metal against which you can lean your entire bicycle. Makes it possible to lock the frame and a wheel to it. Moderate security. Rectangular stands are sometimes called "staple racks" in North America due to their shape, and "Sheffield stands" in the UK. Use this tag for non-rectangular stands as well (e.g. round ones, fancy artistic ones, w-shaped). Stands
bicycle_parking wall_loops nodearea Often scathingly referred to as "wheelbenders" by cyclists. Mostly attached to walls or fixed into the ground. Secures only the front wheel (or possibly back wheel), the front bit or lower bit. With application of force, the bike's wheels can be damaged. Low security. Low security wheelbender style bike rack on Macleay Island, QLD, Australia.
bicycle_parking rack nodearea A rack is similar to a stand above, but typically larger and holds many more bikes. One type is a coathanger rack (pictured at right). An inferior type lacks side-support alltogether. In many cases difference between this bicycle parking type and bicycle_parking=stands or bicycle_parking=wall_loops is very small, with some mappers preferring to use this more specific type. For example this bicycle parking is a case bicycle_parking=wall_loops - but some consider it as a rack. Bicycle Rack
bicycle_parking anchors nodearea A mere anchor hammered into a wall, the ground, or boulders. Low security.
bicycle_parking shed nodearea A custom-built closed shed in which many bikes can be stored, possibly with individual stands inside. Good security. Use supervised=* to indicate whether bikes are guarded. Alternatively, you can tag it with covered=yes and set the value of bicycle_parking=* to the type of bicycle parking that is inside. Enclosed, lockable bicycle shelter. Banyo, QLD, Australia.
bicycle_parking bollard nodearea A special kind of bollard designed for bike locking. Generally, the bike is locked to the central pole and "arms" of some sort prevent thieves from simply lifting the bike over the pole. If it doubles as a barrier, add barrier=bollard. Bike bollards along a bike path in Toronto.
bicycle_parking lockers nodearea Parking takes the form of lockers which enclose bicycles fully and individually, typically secured with some form of key or combination system. Good security. Often used at train stations. Bicycle Lockers. At Dunfermline Town Railway Station.
bicycle_parking wide_stands nodearea A superior type of stand with a wide bent piece of metal against which you can lean your entire bicycle. It's wider than the stand described above : one can park bicycles on each side without handlebars standing in the way. It's usually longer than the regular stand. As there are two pieces of metal, there's more room to lock the bicycle. Note that this tag value appeared relatively recently and many people continue to use bicycle_parking=stands also for this type of stand. Wide stands (called "paperclips" in France)
bicycle_parking ground_slots nodearea Slots in the ground for a wheel. No security. Bike-rack-slots.jpg
bicycle_parking building nodearea Like shed above, but with a proper building, which means that bicycles are protected from wind, heavy rain etc. Good security. Use supervised=* to indicate whether bikes are guarded. Use opening_hours=* if applicable. Alternatively, if the bicycle parking is not part of another building, you can tag it with building=yes and set the value of bicycle_parking=* to the type of bicycle parking that is inside. Inside the Radstation in Münster.
bicycle_parking informal nodearea Notably large or well-used railings, fences, or other street furniture which nobody objects to having bikes chained to for short periods of time. Don't use for every railing or street sign, but only for long-ish runs used by lots of people. Judgement required! Bicycles locked to a railing
bicycle_parking streetpod nodearea A combination of container and stand in which many bikes can be stored, the front wheel being encased to prevent removal. Good security. Use supervised=* to indicate whether bikes are guarded. partly enclosed, requires own bike lock.
bicycle_parking tree nodearea A bicycle tree Bicycle Tree
bicycle_parking rope nodearea Tense rope. Makes it possible to lock the frame and a wheel to it. Bicycle parking rope.jpg
bicycle_parking floor nodearea An area designated for the parking of bicycles (which may or may not be marked as such), but without any kind of racks/stands/etc. No security (but you may tag it with supervised=yes if applicable). Bicycles parked on the floor
bicycle_parking (user-defined) nodearea If the values listed above don't describe what you want to tag, feel free to make up your own values. But please document them here. See list of popular values.

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