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This category is part of the data item system. It shows all Key:... pages that have a value=... parameter. This is most likely a mistake:

  • the page should be renamed and it should use {{ValueDescription}}
  • or simply remove the value= parameter

In many cases, this is due to the "yes" values, e.g. cabin:rental=* vs cabin:rental=yes. There is probably little value in having them as separate pages, but we need to have them as individual data items. One option is to go to the redirect page itself and add a {{ValueDescription}} template there. It won't be visible to most readers, but the data importing bot will copy it into the corresponding data item. Note that TagInfo will also pick up that data (until it gets switched to use data items directly).

If a page is meant to be a key and appears here, verify its data item has a permanent key ID (P16) statement.

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This maintenance category may be occasionally empty. The empty category should not be deleted however, because it is needed for maintenance.

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