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The following listed categories are currently soft-redirected to another category but no longer contain any member pages.


  • The current category may contain member pages or subcategories which may be deleted if their name is inconsistant or faulty; however this category should not be deleted even if it appears empty, as it is used for the maintenance of categories on this wiki. See Template:Category redirect for details.
  • Most of the categories listed below that are soft-redirected because their title has been translated should appear in italic once they are completely empty:
    Just make sure there's also a hard redirection:
    #REDIRECT [[:Category:Langcode:Translated category name]]
    on a line just above the line containing
    {{Category redirect|Langcode:Translated category name}}
    When navigating pages or categories, if they are still categorized in those categories, the listed categories will also be shown at bottom of pages in italic due to their hard redirect, indicating that these pages should be edited to use the new category name.
    These redirecting categories should not be deleted: they are needed for correct linking between translated categories that are using {{Languages|Category:<var style= "color:#080">Category name in English }} to display an interlanguage navigation box at top of these category pages.


This category has the following 200 subcategories, out of 8,195 total.

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