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This category is not shown by default on its member pages. edit

Note that users in this category are not unnecessarily in unknown place, but they use {{User is from|Place Name}} in their user page with a Place Name (in parameter) for which there's currently no assigned image to display for that place (their user box is then displaying a dummy gray flag; the actual place name is still displayed, but the link to the page on this wiki for that place may still be red). This should not occur for countries that should all have a known country flag to display and their name linked to an existing page in this wiki (named "WikiProject Place Name", generally only for countries, or just "Place Name" for most places such as cities).

In most cases however this detects an error (in the user page listed below) for the exact Place Name to use, for which there should exist an article named with that Place Name (this page should be using {{Place}}), and there should also exist a known category named "Category:Users in Place Name" (for listing all users in that place).