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Contributors in Santa Cruz county

  • user:stevea has done a thorough job of mapping Santa Cruz, and continues to refine and edit throughout the county, especially the 2009 SCCGIS landuse upload, 2010 CaSIL park/county upload and 2013 SCCGIS updates.
  • user:srmixter has done numerous landuse zones both manually and with the shp2osm script.
  • user:Apo42 has added official state parks and open spaces to the county, in addition to CaSIL-based county boundaries.
  • user:DanHomerick has added areas in the central and northern portion of the county.
  • user:adelman has edited in the central and southern portion of the county, especially improving mountain bike trails.
  • user:njaard contributes to especially the northern portion of the county, including new business node and commercial district entries.
  • user:Michael_SFBA makes many park and nature path trails contributions.
  • user:manduchi and his students of Computer Engineering 80A at UCSC make many important mobility, handicapped access and public transport contributions (crossing types and locations, tactile_paving)....
  • user:peterm95018 makes work using OSM data.
  • user:hrutten contributed mightily to the effort to display ADA-compliant wheelchair routes viewable on at the UCSC campus.
  • user:Bike Mapper makes many contributions regarding mountain bike paths in the South Bay (SF Bay Area) and Santa Cruz Mountains areas.
  • user:StellanL is less active locally now, but has made many local contributions in the past, and is active in the Greater SF Bay Area.
  • user:balrog-kun, user:yellowbkpk, and especially user:DaveHansen have all made important contributions in the "early days."

There are many others. If you believe another or YOUR name should be here, please add it!

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