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Disaster response events. move to sub-categories

I'm not really that into category fiddling, but I do think it could be helpful to have a clear structure for wiki pages abut the various disaster response events.

It looks like we're mostly putting them into sub-categories of this one, organised by year. So I guess I'll work on progressing that a bit more. There's quite a few disaster response event pages which are inconsistently placed directly in this category.

I'd quite like a category only for disaster response event pages (or whatever we want to call them), keeping them separate from other things like pages about HOT board elections... but maybe it's not important.

-- Harry Wood (talk) 02:00, 17 June 2016 (UTC)

User pages move to Category:Humanitarian OSM Team Volunteer

...also we should move user pages out of this category. There's just a few. A more appropriate one is Category:Humanitarian OSM Team Volunteer (which would normally be joined using {{HOT UserBox}})

-- Harry Wood (talk) 02:09, 17 June 2016 (UTC)