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hi there. im actually based in beilun which is the economic trade & development zone of ningbo city. i ride my motorbike alot around zhejiang province. often do trips between beilun and shanghai when weather permits. i have recently bought a HTC-P800w which has GPS. have found there is little mapping available yet for GPS in china for PPC's. have Mapking asia, with map for china mainland and shanghai amongst other maps. always seem to have a difficult time riding through and around hangzhou since motorbikes are banned from many city streets. i use the number 3 bridge across hangzhou bay into hangzhou city, would like to know what other options exist. i dont have my gps setup yet, as have to deal china mobile on that one, so just rely on the maps i have with mapking. tomtom dont have any maps for china at all. id be happy to help with mapping once i get connected with china mobile. sure this will be an issue though. will see... any one else???