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Description Osm Import of geographic data in Central African Countries
Source WRI (World Resources Institut)
Date 25 Mars 2013
Permission ODbL 1.0 / DbCL 1.0 / CC-BY-SA 2.0

This wiki page documents what data related to the Central African Countries has been or is being imported into OpenStreetMap. This is part of WikiProject Cameroon and WikiProject Central African Republic.

Guidelines for Central Africa data import

  1. The discussion about the import and the guidelines is held on the HOT talk list - https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/hot
  2. Planned imports will be announced to the HOT talk list.
  3. Local community-consensus should be made before imports.


  • Enhance the OSM activity on the current crisis in CAR and DRC. This data (localities, road network, …) can be very useful for the humanitarian actors on the field at this moment.
  • Enrich and extend the disposable OSM data in Central Africa under the rules of the Open-Source.

Proposal for import:

  • Only data from contributors who gave explicit consent will be imported.
  • Data review and assessment. Check for data integrity (copyright issues, etc.).
  • A crowd-sourced way to verify and import the data is proposed using the tasking manager. The existing shapefiles have already been converted to OSM-XML format and a service that can serve the data into JOSM has been setup.

Import Project n'1: Central African Republic and DRC

The World Resources Institute signed a permission to integrate its data to Openstreetmap.

Autorisation utilisation et partage RCA
Autorisation utilisation et partage DRC

The data collected consist of spatial data both shapefile and raster format in zip archives concerning Conservation, Exploitation, Forest Allocation, Forest Infrastructure, Administrative Units, Habitat, Agriculture, Hydrography, Mining, Vegetation. All the humanitarian-relevant data will be converted and imported with the help of the online community.

Visit the page of Import for Central African Republic to get the guidelines of the work.


Main page
WikiProject Cameroon and WikiProject Central African Republic
Data license
ODbL 1.0 / DbCL 1.0
Type of license
CC-BY-SA 2.0
Link to permission
see Potential_Datasources#Central_Africa and Import/Catalogue
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