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Central London, London

latitude: 51.52, longitude: -0.127
Browse map of Central London 51°31′12.00″ N, 0°07′37.20″ W
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Central London is an area in London at latitude 51°31′12.00″ North, longitude 0°07′37.20″ West.

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Central London is a pretty awesome example of many people collaborating on one area. There's areas of amazing detail. However central London is also an example of the difficulties of tracking completeness when so many people are involved. We reach a richer level of detail in areas which are more interesting to mappers, while other areas are neglected. A lot of fly-by mapping happens, and unlike in smaller cities or some areas of London suburbs, we don’t really see individual mappers taking ownership of an area.

Aspects of central London to work on:

  • POIs - Hopefully our coverage of POIs such as pubs, banks, supermarkets, is pretty good. But smaller POIs which are also important can fall between the gaps. e.g. post_boxes and cash machines are hopefully treated as high priority by most mappers, but in the past they may have been missed, so now knowing where they’re missing is the challenge.
  • Shops - These days we’re pushing towards mapping every single shop. A big job! And never-ending of course, since shops change a bit.
  • Addressing data - Sometimes referred to as "house numbering" although in central London there's proportionally fewer houses than commercial premises. This data is progressing well across central London, but nowhere near complete.
  • Opening hours are detailed tagging which could potentially be added to every shop, and hence this will probably never be complete for Central London, but could be interesting to push for completeness of open hours on the more important things.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is likewise a tough one to complete for every shop, but might be less likely to go out-of-date compared with opening hours.
  • Buses - We’re doing really well with routing relations, and folks are maintaining these with updates too (see Bus routes in London). Various renderings available, and probably fed into quite a few transport apps too these days. There may still be some inaccurate bus stops data lingering from the old NaPTAN import, plus we can add Template:Key:shelter tags.
  • Landuse - Landuse polygons in central London are complete, but may be wrong. In general there’s plenty of unanswered questions which may mean they're never really "finished" (feel free to fix landuse if it seems wrong)

See also London! Events coordinated on that wiki page tend to be in central London actually.

And the hyper-detailed mapping in central london is spreading to the suburbs!