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Using Cherokee, MonetDB and AXL a new Highperformance OSM API server is implemented. The language of use is C99. For this work OSM Protocol Version 0.5 is used. This is all work in progress. Currently the state machine supporting all commands is implemented, but needs some refactoring. The database queries will get some extra thought. I'll update this page probably every day, and show the progress that has been made. --Skinkie 02:43, 29 May 2008 (UTC)

Work In Progress

The delete functionality need some loving. And we might need to start with the actual transaction system, maybe 0.6 can give us some better idea's :)

Virtual Machine / LiveCD

We have no successfully setup a Virtual Machine with all the components, and development tools to prototype and test the system. Within a week we will release a benchmark document for the database and API. And shrink everything to some building block that can be ran in every VM technology, or booted from a LiveCD.