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Chicago Meetup on February 19, 2013

  1. Phorio demonstration
  2. Building footprint license. Tom Schenk at City of Chicago said that they now have an MIT license for the building footprint data, which is on their GitHub account.
    1. Follow the chicago-buildings user and see what they are doing.
    2. After chicago-buildings makes the changes, follow up after them to convert buildings to the right land uses and such.
  3. Nominatum. How to make it search additional fields?
    1. File a bug for 18th Street Pink Line station (route, relation). Ian says they updated it to now search through some additional amenity tags.
  4. Ideas to fix things in Chicago
    1. FIXME tag:
    2. Any other things to fix?
      1. Running paths, in parks, at schools, golf courses, cemetery roadways (these are pretty much done now)
      2. Regional shopping centers with parking aisles
      3. Sidewalks versus walking paths. These can be drawn to the middle of the street. Example: Logan Square traffic circle green area.
      4. Parking area around Logan Square traffic circle. Should this be labeled as a parking amenity?
      5. Dirt jumps should have tag sport=bmx
      6. Where do I put the node for Metra stations? Kenilworth. Leave it on the track.
      7. West Side of Chicago (near United Center)
        1. needs buildings and churches filled in; should have tags building=church
        2. United Center parking aisles
      8. UPS, 14th Place, add access=private tag.
      9. Fix the split on South Union Avenue at 14th Street
      10. Fix school label near Oakley and Potomac
      11. Bloomingdale Trail linear, elevated park
  5. Licensing question: What if I scraped Yelp or Foursquare and added that into OSM? You cannot do this. You could scrape the City's health inspection database to get grocery stores and restaurants.
  6. Routing: This only has car (fastest) directions.


  • Dan: Riverside, Brookfield
  • Steven: UIC, Logan Square


  • Logan Square traffic circle. Connect the two parks.
  • Figure out if JOSM can convert nodes to ways/polygons. It's possible in Potlatch: highlight the node, press a certain key and click outside the node.
  • Copy attributes, for example, all the churches on the West Side of Chicago near United Center. It remembers the last one you selected, so press "R" to apply that object's attributes to the newly selected objects.
  • Bioswale: Send an email to the tagging mailing list. Find the best tag, like natural=wetland, wetland=bioswale.