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The Chicago Transit Authority 'L' is a rapid transit (metro) heavy rail system that has mostly elevated portions with some subway and at-grade segments. The system has eight lines and 145 stations at the end of 2014. The CTA carries 700,000 riders on an average weekday and is the only system outside of New York City to offer 24-hour service on at least a portion of the system (Red and Blue Lines).

Route Relations

Line Length (km) Stations Route_master Relation Routes Route Relations
Blue Line 44.6 33 relation 2672370 Forest Park to O'Hare relation 122020
O'Hare to Forest Park relation 2672369
Brown Line 18.1 27 relation 2562976 Kimball to The Loop relation 120717
The Loop to Kimball relation 2562970
Green Line 33.5 31 relation 2613599 Harlem to Ashland/63rd relation 2613597
Harlem to Cottage Grove relation 2613598
Ashland/63rd to Harlem relation 2613595
Cottage Grove to Harlem relation 2613596
Orange Line 19.9 16 relation 2578312 Midway to The Loop relation 443974
The Loop to Midway relation 2578311
Pink Line 17.0 22 relation 2656070 54th/Cermak to The Loop relation 2656069
The Loop to 54th/Cermak relation 443970
Purple Line 26 26 relation 2675822 Linden to the Loop relation 2400824
The Loop to Linden relation 122552
Linden to Howard relation 12594572
Howard to Linden relation 12594573
Red Line 35.2 33 relation 2584583 Howard to 95th/Dan Ryan relation 2584584
95th/Dan Ryan to Howard relation 124354
Yellow Line 8.0 3 relation 2622574 Dempster-Skokie to Howard relation 92653
Howard to Dempster-Skokie relation 2400823

Overpass API Route Diagrams and Maps

Line Diagram Map
Blue Line Link Link
Brown Line Link Link
Green Line Link Link
Orange Line Link Link
Pink Line Link Link
Purple Line Link Link
Red Line Link Link
Yellow Line Link Link

The generic form is here.