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Available languages — Chimère
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Chimère is a cartographic mashup using OpenStreetMap as a default map layer. This software aims to create online collaborative and thematic maps. Content (multimedia, text) are associated to basic geographics items (Point Of Interest, routes). Add on the map are open to everybody with no authentification but are moderated by a team in charge of the map.

From a "simple" geographic mashup, with his ability to import and export OSM data, the project now aims to become an easier way to contribute to OpenStreetMap for people interested in a particular domain. That's why a particular effort has been made to simplify contributions to people not familiar with computers.


  • Display (by default) of the mapnik OpenStreetMap layer.
  • Display on the map of POIs (with markers) and routes (with colored polylines).
  • Thematic choices of items to display (POIs and routes).
  • Filter themes in regard to currently available items.
  • Display of the detail of a POI (name, description, pictures, multimedia files).
  • Add of a cartographic item (POI, route) on the map by an user without authentication (the item is only available after moderation).
  • Admin interface for moderation and configuration.
  • Cut a Chimère by "areas". Each "area" can have specific themes, a new default center, etc.

Features to come

The feature discribed in this section are about the version 2 which is near to be available.

  • Import and export of data in Chimère. Available formats are: ShapeFile, KML, GeoRSS (import only), CSV and OSM.
  • Management of multimedia files and images (many by POIs).
  • Configuration of map layers in administration interface. By default these cartographic items are available: OSM Mapnik, MapQuest, OSM Transport, Cyclemap.
  • In admin interface, configuration of "areas" are easier and more complete: welcome message, bounding box, allow of restriction to a bounding box, activation of dynamic themes, available themes, themes checked by default.
  • A default area is now set to make the default configuration of the map easier.

Features currently under developement

  • Alternate interfaces.
  • Routing on the map (using [Routino]).
  • Allow proposition of modification from the user map.

Future features

  • Add a cartographic item of type area.
  • More unit and functionnality tests.
  • Smartphone interface.

Technical choices

This software is developed under the GPL v3 license.

This software uses mainly:

  • Python programming language;
  • The Django framework;
  • PostgreSQL database and its extension PostGIS;
  • JS library OpenLayers and JQuery.

This application is currently localised in english and french.

Chimère instances

This has been initialy developed for the Carte OuVerte project of Rennes (France, Ille-et-Vilaine). Other cities used this software:

  • Brest (France, Finistère)
  • Pau (France, Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
  • Saclay (France, Essone)