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Stockholm City Bikes

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amenity=bicycle rental, Network='Stockholm City Bikes'

Operated by Stockholm City Bikes, a joint venture between Stockholm City and Clear Channel. Stands typically have 10 places. You must buy an electronic card which you place on a pad at the stand to release bike. The bike can be used for up to three hours and returned to a different stand.

Map with

name="Name of the stand"
network="Stockholm City Bikes"
places=Number of bike stands


operator="Stockholm City Bikes"
Station:Name(Ort) Station:Ref(Nummer) Station:Spaces(Anzahl Plätze) Status Mapper
Allmänna Gränd / Gröna Lund 1 State 4.svg MikeCollinson
Götgatan 98/Dalslandsgatan 2 State 0.svg
Ropsten / Busstorget 28 State 4.svg MikeCollinson
Sturegatan 19 46 State 4.svg MikeCollinson
Lindarängsvägen / Tegeluddsvägen 58 State 4.svg MikeCollinson
Tegeluddsvägen 100 59 State 4.svg MikeCollinson
Söder Mälarstrand/Munchenbryggeriet/Kajplats 10 69 10? State 4.svg MikeCollinson
Pålsundsbacken/Söder Mälarstrand 83 10? State 4.svg MikeCollinson