City of Norfolk

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This project aims to import Norfolk, Va buildings from a city-sourced GIS file.


Import Norfolk's building footprints dataset to help Virginia mappers create a more effective map. Get highly accurate, city-wide address data.



Import Data


Data source site: Norfolk GIS office provided the building footprints and address shapeless via open data portal 
ODbL Compliance verified: yes 

OSM Data Files

Initial Pass at OSM files here

Import Type

This import will be done in sections (block groups) with JOSM

Data Preparation

See GitHub Repo for additional details on this import -> Norfolk, Virginia Repo

Changeset Tags

I will set source= Norfolk GIS


Since the OSM data is being hand-imported in manageable chunks, conflation with existing data will be handled manually in JOSM. I will prefer existing OSM data and tags over the imported data and will try to apply addressing tags from the Norfolk data as correctly as possible.