Cleveland Mapping Party June 2009

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== This event has been canceled due to inclement weather

To be rescheduled for the weekend of August 1st ==

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Cleveland Mapping Party June 2009

Saturday, June 20th, 2009


Erie Island Coffee

2057 E. 4th St.

Cleveland, OH 44115

Mapping Party!

Mapping parties are events where anyone can come and participate in the OpenStreetMap project. OpenStreetMap is a free, open source map that can be contributed, edited and used by anyone anywhere. Our get-togethers are social events where experienced and new mappers can meet to share and learn more about the project. The events are generally held in a public place, and allow time for discussion, mapping and editing. The event is open to all.

Improve local maps to include bike/running paths, your favorite restaurant or coffee shop, or create the best pub crawl map ever!!

It's fun. It's free. You can help.

During this meet-up, we'll be hitting the streets of Cleveland to survey and collect map data. We'll be able to walk you through it all, from mapping to uploading and using map data.

It's free and is open for anyone to attend. Anyone interested in mapping, geo or GIS related efforts, or open source projects are warmly welcomed.

This is a relaxed events and you're supposed to have fun. Often we grab a beer or glass of wine after the event, and this is no exception!

The general run of the day looks like this:

11:00pm Introduction to mapping and send experienced mappers out on their way!

11:30pm loan out GPS and a short intro on how to use them

11:45pm-3:00pm map map map ;)

3:15pm Meet back up at Erie Island Coffee

4ish and on-- beer time??

Feel free to bring your laptop or GPS unit. We'll also have GPS units to lend out during the event.

Please RSVP




Or via e-mail:

For more information please contact:

Dirk Munson, Community Ambassador