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Colchester, Colchester(Essex District)

latitude: 51.88787, longitude: 0.90056
Browse map of Colchester 51°53′16.33″ N, 0°54′02.02″ E
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Colchester is a town in Colchester(Essex District) at latitude 51°53′16.33″ North, longitude 0°54′02.02″ East.


Almost all major roads are mapped. Made a start on some of the other connecting residental roads. Plenty of little residential closes to fill in along the way.

There's no Yahoo! aerial imagery for Colchester, so it's all GPS traces and extrapolation.

Mart is currently trying collecting GPS traces single-handedly by bike, which is slow going. Noticed some other anonymous users uploading random, unconnected snippets of roads; trying to complete them and connect them up where possible.

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