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Compas is a french project driven by a research group of the LIMOS laboratory (CNRS & UCA, UMR 6158). Compas is an acronym for Cartographie et Outils Multisensoriels Pour l'Accessibilité Spatiale (Mapping and Multisensory Tools for Spatial Accessibility).


OD4M is a join project with WeGoto, founded by UNADEV to improve the quality of data dedicated to visually impaired people in OSM.


ACTIVmap is a Collaborative Research Project - Enterprise (PRCE) led by the LIMOS (UCA, Clermont-Ferrand), jointly with the GeoVIS team from LASTIG (IGN), the ELIPSE team from IRIT (UPS, Toulouse), and the company FeelObject.

The project is financed by the ANR (ANR-19-CE19-0005) for a period of 42 months (March 2020 - February 2024).

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