Coruña mapping party

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City: La Coruña / A Coruña. [1]

Mapping Headquarters: GPUL (

How to arrive[2] to Faculty of Computer Science (GPUL Hq)


Jult 5th-6th.


You'll need a GPS receiver, a digital camera, a notepad, and readiness to geek out and make a map of Coruña.


5th, about 15:00: Meet at the Faculty of Computer Science, assign parts of the city to people or groups; go map.

5th, about 18:00: Meet at Faculty of Computer Science, decide where to have beers, go have beers.

6th, about 10:30 Breakfast at Faculty of Computer Science, courtesy of GPUL

6th, about 11:00: Turn on the computers, download the GPS data and photos, crash-course on potlatch and JOSM use.


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