Corvallis, OR Building Import

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The goal of this import is to add building and associated address data from publicly available datasets in the Corvallis, OR USA area.


Main contributors/organizer of this project:

  1. Dan : User Page

Summary of source data

Data is provided by the City of Corvallis. The data and metadata is available here

The building footprint data and address data will be used.


See City of Corvallis Appropriate Use and Disclaimers



First phase:

  1. Import current OSM building data and City of Corvallis (CoC) building data into database
  2. Exclude all building footprints from CoC data which have already been detailed in OSM
  3. Tag all CoC footprints with appropriate OSM tags
  4. Extract and save combined footprints
  5. Validate footprints
  6. Upload new data