Coventry 2012 Cake

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Coventry cake.png

A guest 'cake' post for Coventry city centre. I've added the hospital as I believe this area is being redeveloped into a smaller medical centre (with many of the older buildings knocked down). If tracing buildings from Bing be aware of skyscrapers as the Bing imagery is not perfectly top down - making it harder to trace the buildings footprint.

If you have a bit more time to venture further away from the train station, let me know and I will try to provide a few more ideas. Otherwise the quality assurance tools can be used to find fixme=* tags.

Coventry Cake June 7th 2012 Taken By Comments
1 Mainly retail (lots of estate agents)
2 Residential Area miked29 slow walk for me. Will try Walking Papers for the first time!
3 Mixed use
4 Civic centre (many bridges between buildings)
5 Main shopping area
6 Cov & Warwick Hospital