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Mechanical edit of network tags in road routes is an automated edit of values on network=* keys on all Croatian classified road relations. The old and new network=* values are:

Old tag New tag
network=Autoceste network=HR:Autoceste
network=Državne ceste network=HR:Državne ceste
network=Županijske ceste network=HR:Županijske ceste
network=Lokalne ceste network=HR:Lokalne ceste


Replacing the network=* key values to adhere to the <COUNTRY CODE>:<ROAD CODE> standard that is becoming more popular and guaranties that the network=* value of the relation will be unique.


The edit went through in May 2024.

Changeset Tags

comment=Mechanical edit: rename of network=Autoceste to network=HR:Autoceste, discussion:

Team Approach

The data is pretty straightforward, so Janko Mihelić will do the whole import.

Dedicated user account

The user under which the import will be done is Janjko Imports.


  • Data is retrieved with an overpass query inside Level0
  • Values are replaced
  • Upload with setting the message and source of the changeset.


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