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Author: Richard
License: Proprietary (free of charge)
Platforms: Web and iPhone
Language: English

Cycle routing for Europe and North America ( is an OSM-based bike route-planner (for the UK, Europe, North America, Australia & New Zealand), together with extensive editorial content about long-distance cycle routes and city cycling.

It was written by Richard Fairhurst, involved in OSM since 2004 and author of the Potlatch editors inter alia.

The route-planner is based on a customised instance of OSRM and includes:

  • Takes account of elevation
  • Takes account of cycle routes (NCN, RCN etc.)
  • Takes account of surfaces
  • Drag routes with multiple via points
  • Circular routes
  • Save routes (requires login)
  • Export route map as vector PDF
  • Export route as GPX, TCX, KML
  • Lists villages/towns passed through (UK and US)
  • Avoids busy roads, based on motor traffic statistics (UK and US)
  • Shows photos along route (currently UK only)

The cartography is specially designed for the site and is rendered with Mapnik (web) or Maplibre GL (app). Unusual features include different rendering rules for cities and the countryside.

Routing and map data is updated approximately monthly (from mid-January 2015).

No public-facing API is provided but enquiries are welcome.


An iOS app is now available, including free offline maps and turn-by-turn directions. Android is under development.