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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Javbw
Tagging: highway=cycle_service_area
Applies to: node area
Definition: Introduction of "cycle_service_area" for cyclist specific service areas for cyclists along heavily travelled cycling routes.
Rendered as: similar to highway=services, but rendered with a prominent cycle icon.
Drafted on: 2018-2-18


A new highyway=* value for facilites that are operated to provide services for cyclists on major cycling routes. Although rare, facilities similar to the service areas found on motorways that cater just to cyclists do exist. This tag is for mapping and making known their location for cyclists.


Countries with a high density of long distance cyclists operate "Service Areas" where major routes meet or cross. While many informal stops exist - malls, convenience stores, parks, sports complexes, and cycle shops are often treated as such, There are also purpose-built facilities as well. They offer the cyclist a place stop adjacent or connected to the route, and specific services for riders and their bikes beyond water and toilets.

What is a cycle_service_area ?

These 4 factors together make a Cycle Service Area:

-Being named as a cycle service area in some aspect. People know this is a place for Cyclists to meet and stop.

-being route adjacent or close to an important destination or junction, especially along a well-travelled cycleway.

-offering specific services for cycles - such as pumps, parking, & tools.

-services for the rider - such as maps, information, toilets, water, shelter.

These make a service area. Restaurants, shops, first aid, showers, cycle rentals, guides, and grassy areas are secondary.

confusion with highway=services

To avoid confusion with highway=services, the value cycle_service_area was chosen. On the tagging discussion mailing list, the idea of making a generic "service_area" was brought up, and then further defined via service_area=* or yes/no values. One can make a "service_area" for whatever type of facility is encountered whaile travelling via different means (horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, skiing, etc), But this will lead to confusion with highway=services, especially when the possibility for creating a service_area & HGV=yes can be created - which is essentially a highway=services (as I understand it). As there are 3 major types of paths: foot, cycle, and bridle, as well as piste (ski) routes, it stands to reason that there would be service areas that cater to all of these types of routes, while highway=services will be reserved for just motor vehicles.

highway=service_area already is set for automatic redirect to highway=services here on the wiki, so avoiding that tag value is the best choice. bridle_service_area, is an obvious additional choice.