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Status: Abandoned

Czechreg is a bot that makes automatic corrections (and updates) of Czech administrative boundaries and places based on PD data from RÚIAN and RSO (originally from ÚIR-ZSJ) using the czechreg account.

How it works

The bot first analyzes current OSM data and reports what problems were found. It's then up to the operator to review the report, select problems that can be fixed automatically and run the bot in "fix it" mode.

Performed tasks

  • Updates of boundary polygons geometry. (Large update of old data was performed during September 2012 as discussed on local talk-cz list)
  • Updates of population tag value, i.e. keeping Import UIR-ZSJ up to date (this involves relations for higher administrative units as well as place nodes).
  • Keeping an eye (and fixing) tags related to administrative boundaries: boundary=administrative, admin_level=* on both relations and ways and type=boundary on relations.
  • Keeping an eye on name=* and ref=* tags of administrative units and places.


  • The bot is currently controlled by Xificurk (
  • You can also send a message via interface.