DELL BT-309 bluetooth (Globalsat BT-308)

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DELL BT-309 bluetooth GPS

Build by Globalsat modèle BT-308, this is a GPS receiver with Bluetooth interface and built-in active antenna for high sensitivity to tracking signal.

Based on the SiRF star e/LP chip set, it can be used with a PDA, smartphone, tablet or notebook with a Bluetooth device.


Receiver Characteristics

  • Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
  • C/A Code 1.023 MHz chip rate
  • Channels 12
  • Sensitivity -170 dBW


  • Position Horizontal 15m 2D RMS (SA off)
  • WAAS enabled 10m 2D RMS (SA off)
  • Time 1 micro-second synchronized to GPS time
  • Velocity 0.1m/sec 95% (SA off)


  • Datum: WGS-84

Acquisition Rate

  • Hot start: 8 sec., average (with ephemeris and almanac valid)
  • Warm start: 38 sec., average (with almanac but not ephemeris)
  • Cold start: 45 sec., average (neither almanac nor ephemeris)
  • Reacquisition: 0.1 sec. average (interruption recovery time)

GPS protocol

  • GPS Output Data: NMEA 0183 protocol, and supports command: GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, GLL
  • GPS transfer rate: 38400,N,8,1

External Antenna

  • Power 3.3V
  • Connector MMCX