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Whith the OSM maps for garmin I am happy. At least what the graphics and routing concerns.

But I am not very happy with the POI.

POI in my garmin Nuvi are in 4 different places: Points of Interest, Favourites, Extras and as icons on the map. As far as I know some of the POI from OSM when converted with mkgmap are shown in the map, some are in Points of Interest.

I would like to have a list of POI which is filtered so that only such (but all of them) which I interested in are shown. In 'Points of Interest' they are not grouped after my desire. For example, on a tour I would like to see the nearest landmark, historical building (also ruin), Park/Garden or viwpoint. It is not practical to search all 4 groups one after the other.

So it seems to me that I have to make my own list of POI in Favourites and/or Extras. How to extract the desired POI from OSM (xml) ? And how to merge it with POI from other sources (gpx) ?

POI in OSM lack often of tags e.g. name and description. At least here in my region in Germany around the town Ulm.

Is there a possibility of automatically set the name of a POI if it does not exist (tourism=viewpoint -> name=viewpoint)? This is useful for garmin devices where only the name is shown in the selection menu.


Der Text ist unstrukturiert und nicht gerade schön zu lesen, vielleicht könnte ihn mal jemand überarbeiten. Ich kenne mich mit der Thematik leider kaum aus. --Scai (talk) 13:18, 14 July 2015 (UTC)