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Ein anderer OSMler hat für amenity=brothel Subtags erstellt. Mit seiner Erlaubnis kopiere ich die mal hier rein um diese zu dokumentieren und zu diskutieren:

  • brothel:club=yes club with clear signs, usually sells expensive drinks, customers wear normal clothes
  • brothel:saunaclub=yes brothel offering a sauna, where customers are required or at least allowed to wear a robe or towel
  • brothel:flat_rate=yes events flat rate clubs, every day [yes] or on special days [events]
  • brothel:prepaid_tokens Clubs where entrance fee includes o number of tokens spendable for sexual services
  • brothel:gangbang=yes events venues offering gangbangs, every day [yes] or on special days [events]
  • brothel:eros_center=yes RLD, laufhaus, window type brothels
  • brothel:window=yes in use, same meaning as brothel:eros_center=yes
  • brothel:contact_bar=yes similar to club, but looks more like a cafe than a night club, and the affiliation beetween girls and management is weaker. For normal bars where it is possible to meet the occasional girl use cafè + brothel:contact_bar=yes)
  • brothel:stripclub=yes For venues which mainly offer strip shows, but where at least some girls also offer sexual services
  • brothel:apartment=yes discrete places, with little or no visible signs. Can range from a one-room apartment to a whole house.
  • brothel:swingerclub=yes events swinger club with the presence of hired girls, either every day [yes] or on special days [events]
  • brothel:massage_parlour=yes massage center which also offers sexual services
  • brothel:escort_services=yes venue offering outcall services
  • brothel:street_prostitution=yes used only for somewhat permanent places, like designated areas, possibly equipped with support infrastructure
  • brothel:fetish_club=yes BDSM studios and the like

--Kubster (talk) 20:50, 19 November 2019 (UTC)