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More information about Droughts in the horn of Africa on the HOT blog

Dadaab is a small town in Kenya (map) In 2011 the droughts throughout the Horn of Africa brought about the creation of the largest refugee camps in the world in several locations around the town. We were given access to SPOT imagery, enabling rough tracing in 2011. In 2012 we have been able to enhance this with special HOT mapping projects using NextView Imagery

NextView imagery

Localised patches of NextView imagery are available as detailed on the HOT blog post about this initiative and on the Camp Roberts tasks on the tasking manager

SPOT imagery

Thanks to spot for providing us with special imagery covering Dadaab in 2011

We mapped using the tag source=Cnes / Spot Image. Imagery details include access URLs have been removed from the page to avoid confusion with NextView (better resolution) above. Please retrieve from history if we need it again (e.g. if NextView is no longer available)