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This purpose of this page is to catalog potential open data sources in the Dallas-Fort Worth region and track progress of incorporating it into OpenStreetMap.

Available Data Sources

A = Available, C = Complete, N=Confirmed No
Agency Coverage License Building Footprints Roads Parks Biking Infrastructure Trails Other POIs
City of Dallas Dallas Public Domain C A A A A Libraries, Fire Stations
City of Fort Worth Fort Worth Public Domain C A A A A
City of Richardson Richardson Explicit Permission A A A A A Hotels, Trees, Places of Worship, Apartments, Restaurants, Fire Stations, Traffic Signals
TNRIS State Public Domain N N N N A Physical/Cultural Features, Airports, LIDAR
City of Arlington Arlington Public Domain N A A A A Libraries, Apartments, Healthcare
City of Frisco Frisco Public Domain N A A A A City facilities, Healthcare, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Historic Sites
City of McKinney McKinney Public Domain N A A N A Schools, Cemeteries, Golf Courses, Hospitals, Museums
City of Denton Denton Public Domain A A A A A Traffic Signals, Traffic Signs, Schools, Major POIs
City of Mesquite Mesquite Public Domain N A A Fire Stations

Online Maps

These cities have interactive maps with relevant data. The source data may be available after contacting their GIS department.