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Stimulus Funding Locations

Another document with lat/lon data, but this one will need to be dealt with manually, contains locations and types of projects money is being spent on, seems to be useful for extracting school and park locations, and locations of rail way crossings/bridges that are being upgraded, among other things:


Was published in May, but was updated in Sept.

Centrelink Locations

uploaded by John Smith [[2]]

Wasn't sure how to tag these so came up with the following:

<node id='-1' action='create' visible='true' lat='-37.8265812932' lon='147.632924879'>

<tag k='amenity' v='social_services' />

<tag k='fixme' v='not_reviewed' />

<tag k='name' v='Bairnsdale Centrelink' />

<tag k='centrelink:address' v='60 - 62 Macleod Street Bairnsdale VIC 3875' />

<tag k='centrelink:postal_address' v='PO Box 613 Bairnsdale VIC 3875' />

<tag k='centrelink:code' v='BRD' />

<tag k='centrelink:office_type' v='CSC (Small Office)' />

<tag k='attribution' v='Centrelink,' />

<tag k='opening_hours' v='Mo 08:00-17:00; Tu 08:00-17:00; We 08:00-17:00; Th 08:00-17:00; Fr 08:00-17:00' /> </node>

The opening hours could be a little better, and I didn't bother to look at the break hours.