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The Victorian Government has released 92 data sets which are available on All datasets provided via, unless otherwise specified on the dataset information page, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia licence.

Data sets that contain geographic information and which may be relevant to import into OSM include;

The Vicmap Lite datasets are provided as KML files. These are highly generalised datasets suitable for display at a state-wide scale (maybe down to 1:250 000). Importing these layers would result in many duplicates, especially in the Melbourne urban area. deltafoxtrot256 has converted the following Vicmap Lite layers to OSM format, these can then be used in JOSM where appropriate;

<node id='-468' action='modify' timestamp='2010-02-28T12:38:43Z' visible='true' lat='-38.3799' lon='142.4731'>
  <tag k='name' v='South West Healthcare, Warrnambool Campus' />
  <tag k='amenity' v='hospital' />
  <tag k='hospital:address' v='279 Koroit Street, Warrnambool 3280' />
  <tag k='emergency' v='yes' />
  <tag k='hospital:agency_type' v='Public Hospital' />
  <tag k='hospital:ownership' v='Public' />
  <tag k='fixme' v='not_reviewed' />
  <tag k='source' v='' />
  <tag k='attribution' v='Department of Health' />

Canley has converted the Vicmap Lite C-class roads and waterways files to individual OSM files and is importing them gradually where no data exists to avoid duplication.

Refer to for other Victorian datasets.